What Comes Next in Your Tech Career?

There’s never a bad time to consider “what comes next” in your career.
Published 09/30/2020
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Whether you’re a seasoned expert hoping to tune up on the latest technology, or you’re fresh out of college looking to kick off your career – there’s always something coming next.

Between opportunities for personal and professional growth, and the vast and ever-changing world of technology, a career in tech comes with countless opportunities for progress and development. 

At IEEE Computer Society, our goal is to provide you with highly valuable information and content that can be applied to your personal career path. Recently, we asked our social media followers to provide us with some insight into their career paths, and we learned that our followers are always looking for professional growth and are interested in a variety of computing opportunities.

With the help of these insights, we will be highlighting our top tips for professional growth in technology, to help you determine “what comes next” and how to always ensure you’re learning and growing.


If you’re just getting started…

There are a lot of things you can do to build your skills, market yourself, and find and land a role that allows you to continue learning and growing.

One of the first things you should do is identify a specific field, industry, or role that interests you. Do research on occupational options, job descriptions, salaries, and growth opportunities – and then start networking, building your skills, references, cover letters, and a solid resume.

Follow our resume template to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward. It will set you up for a successful first impression, allow you to collect your top skills, awards, associations and more, which will prepare you for a positive and memorable interview. 

In addition to a top-notch resume, you can utilize platforms and resources such as our Build Your Career webinar series, which provides interactive webinars on transferable business skills. Topics covered include communication and presentation skills, interviewing tips, personal branding, effective writing, tips to improve your outside-the-box thinking, and more.


If you want to enhance your knowledge…

There are plenty of networking opportunities, certifications, and seminars that will provide you with immense value and insight.

Networking is key. The more professionals and experts you network with, the more people you have to learn from and grow with. A great place to begin networking (or continue networking) is right here with the Computer Society – where you can connect with members worldwide for information, inspiration, and collaboration in computer science and engineering.

In addition to networking, you can register for Distinguished Lecturer webinars, which are in partnership with our Chapters and Special Technical Communities. This series features technical discussions on such topics as MBSE with & without Simulation, CyberSecurity, Computer Arithmetic, Quantum Internet, among some of the selected topics.

Joining and engaging with these types of webinars will allow you to stay up to date with specific topics while enhancing your overall knowledge of the latest in tech.


If you’re looking for something new…

There’s always more to learn, and updated ways to learn it.

With technological advancements being revealed and implemented at an incredibly fast pace, there’s no limit to how much information is available to learn – you just need to find the right way to learn it. Whether you join a society like ours to grow your professional network, participate in webinars, subscribe to newsletters, or engage in independent research and learning, you can’t go wrong. 

Remember, at IEEE Computer Society, our ultimate goal is to provide you with highly valuable information and content that can be applied to your personal career path – we’re here to help.

If you have any questions, contact us here.