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From Regulatory Compliance to Process Improvement in Healthcare

13 August 2020–2:00 pm ET

Carlos Henrique Cabral Duarte

Strategic Advisor to the Directorate of Research of the Brazilian Institute of Statistics and Geography (IBGE)

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Few economic sectors are more regulated than healthcare. Although excessive healthcare regulation is a bad thing, regulatory compliance may bring with it many benefits, such as the assurance of market entry, product quality and availability, as well as access to tax rebates and financial incentives.

Usually, healthcare regulations are goal-oriented, since they embody in their formulation specific propositions to maximize compliance benefits provided the achievement of public policy goals. But what goes on with regulatory compliance and with the benefits obtained by healthcare companies when the respective regulation is goal-oriented?

In this talk, we provide an in-depth study of goal-oriented healthcare equipment regulations. We use expert knowledge, empirical techniques and process-mining cases to investigate this question through a multi-company exploratory case study, which is focused on the diagnostic imaging equipment segment and the regulatory context in Brazil.

We first study the variability of mean times-to-benefit after compliance, We show that, in some cases, mean times-to-benefit depend on the compliance of different categories of diagnostic imaging equipment with technical requirements found in the applicable norms.

Next, we present regulatory process improvement cases elicited during goal-oriented regulatory process analysis and modeling activities. These cases are illustrative of process changes that significantly simplify and reduce times-to-benefit in the studied context.

These results demonstrate the usefulness of applying expert knowledge, empirical studies and process mining techniques together in the healthcare equipment domain. They also suggest that healthcare equipment product-management practices should be concerned not only with analyzing and ensuring regulatory compliance but also with regulation dynamics.

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