Is Data Science All It’s Cracked Up to Be?

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 04/14/2022
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Data Science Hype and RealityThe last couple of years has seen an explosion of data science programs for university students and professionals looking to change careers. In addition, the numbers suggest a growing demand for professionals to make sense of all the data companies are gathering each year. In 2020, 59 zettabytes of data were collected, which is expected to grow 26% annually.

More interestingly, data science is more than what many programs lead many to believe. Many believe it is a blend of computer science and statistics, but perhaps this field is better explained by what it is not.



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Data science is more than using data to make predictions or for analysis. It combines complementary fields with similar foundations and a shared mission to use technology and information to advance humanity.

Back-end data science refers to engineering, including hardware and data storage structure, whereas front-end data science focuses on analytics and machine learning.

In their article, “Data Science: Hype and Reality,” authors from American University of Sharjah explore foundational concepts of data science, trends over the next five years, and education and career paths for students interested in entering the field.

Continue reading “Data Science: Hype and Reality,” an insightful article published in Computer by Norita Ahmad, Areeba Hamid, and Vian Ahmed from American University of Sharjah.

Data science is considered a young field by many. This column shares the growing trends of data science as one of the most sought-after career options and as an emerging discipline in almost every industry in the world.