Roger J. Martin

Award Recipient
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Roger J. Martin is considered the principal architect and manager of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Applications Portability Profile which defines a standards-based architecture for open systems. He conceived and established the NIST POSIX Conformance Testing and Certification Program. He also chaired the POSIX Test Methods group and Steering Committee on Conformance Testing and the ISO/IEC SC22/WG15 rapporteur group on conformance testing.

Martin has been active in the PASC standards since 1985 (then known as POSIX). At the time, he was active in the 1003.1. IEEE C Language Application Portability Standard, and was instrumental in forming the 1003.3 working group which was the parent organization for the family of PASC test methods to follow. Martin has not only worked to create strong test methods within PASC, but he has been an advocate in other arenas as the NIST Government User Community (sponsoring workshops attended by both users and producer) and in consortia such as X/Open which has a wide audience in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Martin is currently Chief/Manager of Systems and Software Technology Division of the NIST, previously the National Bureau of Standards, where he directs NIST Open Systems Environments, Software Engineering, Distributed Systems Engineering, Office Systems Engineering, and POSIX Conformance Testing programs. He previously served with the NIST as Manager of the Software Engineering Group where he managed software quality assurance, maintenance, reliability, reuse programs, and development of conformance test suites. Roger has also served as teh Budget Status Group Manager with the Office of Management and Budget, and as a Mathematician/Computer Specialist with the David W. Taylor Naval Ship R&D Center.

Roger is the recipient of numerous awards in the standards arena, including the IEEE Standards Medallion in 1992, “for outstanding technical achievement in helping federal and private sector organizations achieve portability application systems,” the 1989 IAC/IRM Award for Technical Excellence, “for creative technical competence and professionalism in establishing the U.S. Federal Government as the internationally recognized leader in software portability,” and the 1984 Department of Commerce Bronze Medal, “for contributions to more effective management of software maintenance in the federal government.” He is a member of the X/Open User Council Executive and Uniforum Technical Steering Committee and has chaired numerous national and international standard working groups, steering, conferences, workshops and symposia. He has also numerous on open systems standards, POSIX conformance testing and software engineering.

Roger Martin holds the B.S. and M.S degrees in Computer Science from Iowa State University and is a member of the IEEE Computer Society, the ACM, and UNIFORUM.


1995 Hans Karlsson Award
“For leadership in timely completion of test methods which assure quality and dependability for the standards customer, completeness for the portable app builder and consensus to the whole community.”
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