Software Testing Course

Course Description:
Software testing consists of the dynamic verification that a program provides the expected behaviors on a finite set of test cases, suitably selected from an infinite domain of execution possibilities. Software testing is no longer limited to activities that start only after coding (construction) is complete. Rather, as has been observed in the Software Construction course, testing begins during the construction phase with unit and integration testing, and proceeds through the full testing regime. This course begins with testing fundamentals, including terminology and the relationship of testing with other life cycle activities. From there, Software Testing proceeds through test levels; testing techniques; test-related measures; test processes and concludes with an examination of testing tools as they are applied to actual software testing operations.

Format: Asynchronous
Nominal duration: Self-paced Learning – Approximate Time: 8 hours
Professional Development Hours (PDH) : 8
Continuing Education Credits (CEU) : 0.8

Learning Objectives: Learning objectives for the Software Testing Course.
1. Employ correct testing terminology throughout the testing process.
2. Execute specific software tests with well-defined objectives and targets.
3. Apply various testing techniques, including domain, code, fault, usage and model-based.
4. Execute program and test evaluations.
5. Perform a complete testing process, taking into account practical considerations

Course Modules:
1. Software Testing Fundamentals
1.1. Testing-Related Terminology
1.2. Key Issues
1.3. Relationship of testing to other activities
2. Test Levels
2.1. The Target of the Test
2.2. Objectives of Testing
3. Test Techniques
3.1. Based on the Software Engineer’s Intuition and
Experiencedid not match the regex 3.2. Input Domain-Based Techniques
3.3. Code-Based Techniques
3.4. Fault-Based Techniques
3.5. Usage-Based Techniques
3.6. Model-Based Testing Techniques
3.7. Techniques Based on the Nature of the Application
3.8. Selecting and Combining Techniques
4. Test-Related Measures
4.1. Evaluation of the Program
4.2. Under Test
4.3. Evaluation of the Tests Performed
5. Test Process
5.1. Practical Considerations
5.2. Test Activities
6. Software Testing Tools
6.1. Testing Tool Support
6.2. Categories of Tools
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