Software Quality Course

Course Description:
Software Quality can be defined as the capability of a software product to satisfy stated and implied needs under specified conditions. Additionally, Quality refers to the degree to which software products meet their stated requirements. Quality is a basic parameter of software engineering efforts whose primary goal is the delivery of maximum stakeholder value while balancing cost and schedule. This course addresses Quality’s key term definitions, provides examples of and exercises for the practical application of its nominal practices, tools and techniques for applying software quality methodologies to real-world projects.

Format: Asynchronous
Nominal duration: Self-paced Learning – Approximate Time: 5 hours
Professional Development Hours (PDH) : 5
Continuing Education Credits (CEU) : 0.5

Learning Objectives: Learning objectives for the Software Quality Course.
1. Understand and be able to apply software quality fundamentals to real-world software projects, including an ethical approach to Quality, value and cost considerations, quality models and safety considerations.
2. Demonstrate by means of example – software quality management processes such as quality assurance, verification and validation, and reviews/audits.
3. Illustrate the essential software practical considerations such as quality requirements, defect characterization, SQM techniques and software quality measurement.
4. Employ the latest software quality tools.

Course Modules:
1. Software Quality Fundamentals
1.1. Software Engineering Culture and Ethics
1.2. Value and Cost of Quality
1.3. Models and Quality Characteristics
1.4. Software Quality Improvement
1.5. Software Safety
2. Software Quality Management Processes
2.1. Software Quality Assurance
2.2. Verification and Validation
2.3. Reviews and Audits
3. Software Quality Practical Considerations
3.1. Software Quality Requirements
3.2. Defect Characterization
3.3. SQM Techniques
3.4. Software Quality Measurement
4. Software Quality Tools
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