Secure Software Design

Course Description:

This course offers a comprehensive coverage of practical knowledge in how to design secure software as well as insights on the significance of the role secure design plays during a software development life cycle. Some of the critical topics covered in this course include secure design principles and processes in addition to fundamental security concepts such as access control, encryption, etc. This course also devotes a significant amount of time to discussing well known secure design solutions including architectural patterns and design patterns focusing on security countermeasures and concludes with the discussion of software security analysis and evaluation as mechanisms to assess the effectiveness of the secure design solutions implemented in the form of source code.

Format: Asynchronous
Nominal duration: Self-paced Learning – Approximate Time: 107 minutes
Professional Development Hours (PDH) : 1.8
Continuing Education Credits (CEU) : 0.18

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Secure Software Design Course & Exam Bundle

Module 1-Introduction to Software Security
Significance/importance of software security
Software security terminology
Software security resources (both online and offline)

Module 2-Sources of software security threats
Hardware level threats
Code level threats
Detailed design level threats
Architecture level threats
Requirements level threats

Module 3-Software security best practices
Security requirements elicitation
Secure architecture best practices
Detailed secure design best practices
Secure coding best practices
Secure deployment and operations best practices

Module 4: Software security lifecycle
General software lifecycle vs. secure software lifecycle
Architectural risk analysis
Project management

Module 5: Software security testing
Code analysis
White box testing
Penetration testing
Security testing tools

Module 6: Careers in Software Security – outlook and preparation
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