Mitigating Societal Harms in a Social Media World Registration Open

Sessions will Cover Hate Speech, Terrorism/Radicalization/Exploitation, Misinformation, and Disinformation
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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 30 June 2021Mitigating Societal Harms in a Social Media World, an IEEE Computer Society Tech Forum taking place virtually 21-22 September 2021, will address contributors to societal harm that can be amplified by social media – Hate Speech, Terrorism/Radicalization/Exploitation, Misinformation and Disinformation. Insights will be delivered from experts working in policy, technical standards, and cutting-edge solutions built on promising technologies including AI and machine learning. Gain access to post-conference report, research, and supplementary material.

Mitigating Societal Harms in a Social Media World

“I’ve heard increasing concern about these kinds of issues from our members, who are familiar with the computing, software, and networking technologies upon which these truly societal-scale systems are built,” said IEEE Computer Society President Forrest Shull.  “It was clear to us that an event like this one could be of real service to the computing profession, providing a platform for us to address critical issues by doing what the Computer Society is best at – developing communities and supporting communication among thought-leaders in diverse stakeholder groups, as well as the larger professional community.”

The fast-paced development of innovative computing technologies that constitute truly societal-scale social media systems, and the equally large-scale impacts – good and bad – that those systems have on day-to-day life, are among the defining issues of our time.  With a combination of keynotes, Q&A sessions, and panel discussions with dedicated breakout sessions following, the forum provides a unique environment for attendees to hear the latest approaches to these critical problems.

Mitigating Societal Harms in a Social Media World will provide opportunities to:

  • Hear about existing technologies that could solve challenges presented by societal harms.
  • Participate in dynamic break-out discussions that provide an objective space for civil attendees and policymakers to meet with technical professionals.
  • Dispel myths through access to a baseline of knowledge suited for government officials and employees, and gain objective insights into the spectrum of challenges and solutions.
  • Share concerns with technologists who are actively working on solutions.

Viewpoints from experts working in policy will be explored, along with technical standards, use cases, and strategies built on promising technologies such as AI and machine learning. The forum will bring together policymakers and technologists to explore the intersection of current technical efforts and public policies and the resulting impacts on society.

Access post-conference report, research, and supplementary material shared during the tech forum.

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