IT Professional Magazine 20th Anniversary

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., 7 March 2018 IT Professional (IT Pro), one of the IEEE Computer Society’s leading publications that provides technology solutions for the enterprise, has released its milestone 20th anniversary issue.

To commemorate 20 years of the magazine, the editorial advisory board chair and four past editors in chief (EICs) reflect on the first two decades of the magazine in the article “Retrospectives and Reflections: 20 Years of IT Professional.” The article features insights and observations from the Advisory Board Chair Sorel Reisman, the inaugural EIC Wushow “Bill” Chou, and the former EICs Frank E. Ferrante, Simon Y. Liu, and San Murugesan.

“Unlike other publications, IT Pro is a scholarly magazine that provides comprehensive and holistic coverage of not just technology trends but also many different aspects of the ever-changing digital landscape. Its contents are presented in a way that is easy to read and comprehend, and IT Pro continues to be of relevance and value to all those who would like to be abreast of and embrace advances in IT and computing and their applications,”explained Murugesan, EIC Emeritus and director of BRITE Professional Services. “To succeed and stand out in the dynamic environment primarily driven by rapid technological advances and societal demands, it is important that we stay professionally fit, as I outlined in my final editorial. IT Pro, a unique and excellent magazine, will help readers stay professionally fit and embrace successfully emerging trends in IT.”

In honor of the issue’s anniversary, incoming EIC Irena Bojanova, a computer scientist at NIST, provides an overview of IT Pro’s current state and future directions in her column “IT Professional Enters its 20th Year with Confidence.”

IT Pro is entering 2018 as an established, highly reputable publication. The magazine publishes exceptional, innovative articles that highlight advances in IT, discuss their impact on our work and lives, and address related challenges and risks,” says Bojanova. “In addition to regular papers, IT Pro publishes special issues (SIs), each of which is curated by a team of subject-matter experts as guest editors (GEs). IT Pro editorial board members write or invite authors to write opinion or research-based articles in the following columns and departments:

  • Columns: From the Editors, IT and Future Employment, IT Trends, Mastermind, Life in the C-Suite, and Student Forum
  • Departments: Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, Extreme Automation, Internet of Things, IT Economics, and Spotlight

All the past issues can be accessed from the History tab at the IT Professional site in the CS Digital Library (CSDL).”

According to Reisman, “In 1997 IT Pro was established to explain the implications of emerging computing technologies to professional practitioners and managers; two decades later, the magazine is still helping IT professionals learn and understand real, practical, and social issues related to emerging IT products and services.”

The issue also introduces the new IT Economics and Internet of Things departments, and the Student Forum column.

Visit IT Pro‘s January 2018 table of contents to view what’s in the 20th Anniversary issue.

IT Professional is a bimonthly publication of the IEEE Computer Society for IT professionals, application developers, managers and researchers. Coverage areas include leading edge technologies and applications, the internet of things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, block chain, cognitive computing, quantum computing, cybersecurity, data management and information governance, and application development and integration.

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