IEEE Security and Privacy wins 2018 APEX Award of Excellence

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LOS ALAMITOS, Calif., July 24 2018 – IEEE Computer Society’s IEEE Security & Privacy, a leading publication in the security technology industry, has been awarded the APEX 2018 Award of Excellence in the “Magazines, Journals & Tabloids – Electronic” category.

APEX 2018, the 30th Annual Awards for Publication Excellence, is an international competition that recognizes outstanding publications from newsletters and magazines to annual reports, brochures, and websites.

Said one of the APEX 2018 judges, “This special issue addresses the mysterious (to many) issue of ‘postquantum cryptography’ – algorithms designed to enhance security against cyber-attacks.  Those in the field are provided with a comprehensive summary of current and future challenges, and it goes into great detail covering all aspects of this new technology.”

IEEE Security & Privacy is honored to receive the 2018 APEX Award of Excellence,” said David M. Nicol, editor in chief of IEEE Security & Privacy and Franklin W. Woeltge Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  “This award and its predecessor from last year prove the success of our approach of delivering high quality content, on highly relevant topics in a way that is accessible to experts and non-experts alike.”

The IEEE Security & Privacy July/August 2017 winning issue explores the topic of postquantum cryptography. Because of public-key cryptography’s relevance and quantum computers’ increasingly realistic threat to this technology, it is necessary to come up with practical and secure postquantum cryptography. This special issue aims to present the state of the art and the grand challenges in postquantum cryptography and to discuss the transition of real-world systems to the new technology.

In addition to highlighting in-depth articles on cryptography, this issue also features pieces on tailoring privacy to the average user, digital self-defense and its legal underpinnings, and geocoding the Internet.

Issue articles include:

  • “The Day the Cryptography Dies” by John Mulholland, Michelle Mosca, and Johannes Braun
  • “Postquantum Opportunities: Lattices, Homomorphic Encryption, and Supersingular Isogeny Graphs” by Kristin Lauter
  • “Current State of Multivariate Cryptography” by Jintai Ding and Albrecht Petzoldt
  • “Hash-Based Signatures: State of Play” by Denis Butin
  • “Code-Based Cryptography: State of the Art and Perspectives” by Nicolas Sendrier
  • “Cryptography Standards in Quantum Time: New Wine in an Old Wineskin?” by Lidong Chen

APEX 2018 awards are based on excellence in graphic design, quality of editorial content, and the success of the entry—in the opinion of the judges—in conveying the message and achieving overall communications effectiveness and excellence.

According to the APEX 2018 panel of judges, this year’s competition was exceptionally intense. From over 1,400 entries evaluated, 100 APEX Grand Awards were presented in 12 major categories to honor the outstanding works in those categories, with 556 Awards of Excellence recognizing exceptional entries in 100 individual categories.

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