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From the November 2016 issue

Scalable Power Management for On-Chip Systems with Malleable Applications

By Muhammad Shafique, Anton Ivanov, Benjamin Vogel, and Jorg Henkel

Featured article thumbnail imageWe present a scalable Dynamic Power Management (DPM) schem e where malleable applications may change their degree of parallelism at run time depending upon the workload and performance constraints. We employ a per-application predictive power manager that autonomously controls the power states of the cores with the goal of energy efficiency. Furthermore, our DPM allows the applications to lend their idle cores for a short time period to expedite other critical applications. In this way, it allows for application-level scalability, while aiming at the overall system energy optimization. Compared to state-of-the-art centralized and distributed power management approaches, we achieve up to 58 percent (average ≍15-20 percent) ED2P reduction.

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