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Angela Burgess, Executive Director of the IEEE Computer SocietyInside the CS highlights the work of the CS from the point of view of the professional staff. I blog to make our programs more visible, build awareness and encourage participation. Check back for postings about how to use your CS benefits, member and customer feedback, new initiatives, and opportunities for involvement.
     — Angela Burgess, Executive Director

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Where to Find Us on the Web

Perhaps you noticed the home page promotion last week encouraging you to become a Facebook fan of the Computer Society. We offered a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card, which was awarded to Nathan Ensmenger (congrats, Nathan!). Since its launch earlier this month, the CS page has attracted 1,175 fans. Become a fan today!

Facebook is just one place we are picking up our activity.

You can also find us at Twitter. Follow us @ComputerSociety, @ComputingNow, and @SecurityPrivacy

Linked In has an active IEEE Computer Society Members group administered by, well, members! Join in the discussions there by simply searching for the IEEE Computer Society group.

We also have a channel at You Tube to feature multimedia content. Look for that channel to grow as we devote more resources to developing video content. 

Our own site also includes several long-running podcasts. Gary McGraw’s Silver Bullet Security Podcast has 47 interviews with leaders in the security and privacy fields. Grady Booch’s software architecture series now has 22 installments. Computer sponsors a delightful series, In Our Time, which deals with some of the most important recent moments in computer history. And there are more – please have a listen.

Finally, the IEEE island in Second Life is the site of our Artificial Intelligence Learning Center (AILC). AILC aims to take the mystery out of AI and to shape its future uses. For more information or to volunteer to help with the IEEE's Artificial Intelligence Learning Center, contact avatar Joey Aboma in Second Life. For more information, click here. You can also visit the IEEE 2 sim in Second Life here.

Do you know of a group, blog, or online network we should know about? Drop me a line and we’ll follow up.

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