Computer, June 2009, pp. 34–41

Toy gangsters and ethical practices

Software Engineering Ethics in a Digital World

by Awais Rashid, John Weckert, and Richard Lucas

The Internet has become pervasive in our day-to-day lives through the wide availability of broadband as well as its ubiquity due to the proliferation of mobile devices. This ubiquitous access to the Internet coupled with innovations such as social networking and Web 2.0 has given rise to the digital world phenomenon. Social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter; virtual worlds such as SecondLife; and massively multiplayer online games such as the World of Warcraft have blurred the boundary between the online world and the physical world.

We live in an always-connected world, with an increasingly larger number of services accessible online. We conduct business, watch our favorite television programs, engage in interaction with friends and family, and make new social contacts online.

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This month's theme: PROFESSIONAL ETHICS

Computing professionals deal with ethical challenges daily, and their responses to these challenges have ramifications that go beyond personal responsibility. Read more

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