2019 Reviewer Thanks
CiSE is grateful for the contributions of our excellent reviewers.

The articles in Computing in Science and Engineering are the result of hard work by many people. We deeply appreciate the efforts of everyone who reviewed the many articles submitted to the magazine last year. The peer review process helps maintain the magazine’s high standard of quality. All of us in the computing community owe gratitude to the small and dedicated group of people who participate in this crucial service. If you would like to contribute as a reviewer, visit the peer review page to find out how to get involved. —CiSE’s editorial board and staff

Joan Adler
Alice Allen
Rashida Askia
Dylan Baker
Sümeyye Bayrakdar
Martin Bernreuther
Jay Billings
Samantha Buzzard
Luca Caviglione
Kyle Chard
Sunnie Sun Chung
Timothy Clark
Luke Dercher
Antonella Di Stefano
Steve Easterbrook
Megan Ennes
Thomas Epperly
Jianmei Feng
Martin Fenner
Billy Gallagher
Daniel Garijo
Devarshi Ghoshal
Balakrishna Gokaraju
Jose Benito Gonzalez Lopez
Amy Graves
David Grier
Paul Groth
Thomas Grubb
William Gunn
Edwin Henneken
Chris Holdgraf
Michael Hout
James Howison
Kathryn Huff
Lorraine Hwang
Sharon Jacob
Caroline Jay
Ahmet Burak Kale
Upulee Kanewala
Diane Kelly
Muralidhar Kurni
Rubin Landau
Scott Lathrop
Mary Ann Leung
Jie Liu
Frances Madden
Maciej Malawski
Dinesh Manocha
Lowell McCann
Jo McEntyre
Audris Mockus
Ralf-Peter Mundani
Aziz Nanthaamornphong
Nan Niu
Patrick O’Leary
Manish Parashar
Mark Parsons
Fay Cobb Payton
JB Poline
Phil Post
Yolanda Rankin
Daniel Rehn
Dana Richards
Gabriel Rockefeller
Gonzalo Rodrigo
Filgueira Vicente Rose
Ben Sayler
Daniel Sholler
Punnarai Siricharoen
Alex Small
Arfon Smith
Spencer Smith
Felesia Stukes
Cédric Tedeschi
Douglas Thain
Michelle Trim
S. Vikash
Sara Vogel
Freddie Witherden

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