Call for Papers: Special Special on New Tools and Techniques for the Distributed Computing Continuum (DCC)

TPDS seeks submissions for this upcoming special section.
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Submissions Due: 15 October 2024

Tentative Publication: January-March 2025

This Special Section on New Tools and Techniques the Distributed Computing Continuum (DCC) will provide a forum for presenting research works from diverse areas from the computing continuum such as distributed scheduling, resource management, cloud-edge computing, workflows management, distributed data analytics and AI techniques in the DCC, and computational science applications.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Interoperable programming environments for heterogeneous architectures at scale
  • New tools for scalability in the Computing Continuum.
  • Workflow environments for the Computing Continuum.
  • Multicriteria scheduling algorithms for the Computing Continuum.
  • Workload characterization and modelling.
  • Parallel programming in the edge and in the computing continuum.
  • Data management in Edge devices and the computing continuum.
  • Middleware and programming models for processing large-scale data
  • IoT data management and analytics in cloud and serverless models
  • Optimizing I/O with ad-hoc storage systems.
  • Coupling distributed simulations with in-situ data analysis
  • Artificial Intelligence in the IoT-Edge-Cloud continuum.
  • Privacy and trust in the Computing Continuum
  • Large-scale green computing systems to optimize energy in the Computing Continuum
  • Innovative applications and case studies in the Computing Continuum

Submission Guidelines

Submissions to the special section will be received as TPDS regular papers. PLEASE LOOK TPDS Guide for Authors.

Authors can submit papers until the deadline through ScholarOne. Once you start the submission process, in Step 1 of the process, you’ll be asked to pick a “Type” for the paper. Please pick “New Tools and Techniques for the Distributed Computing Continuum (DCC)” For more information, please consult the extended CFP page.


Contact the Lead Guest Editor at


  • Prof. Jesus Carretero, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
  • Ass. Prof. Javier Garcia-Blas, University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain.
  • Prof. Sameer Shende. University of Oregon, USA.