CLOSED: Call for Papers: 2023 IEEE World Congress on Services

2-8 July 2023 | Chicago, Illinois, USA
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Submissions Due: 5 March 2023

Important Dates

  • Submission Deadline: 5 March 2023
  • Acceptance Notification: 23 April 2023

The IEEE World Congress on Services (SERVICES), a hybrid event, is the premier international forum for sharing and discussing the latest advancements and emerging trends related to services computing technologies. IEEE SERVICES 2023 is built around the six technical conferences listed below, focusing on cloud computing (CLOUD), edge computing & communications (EDGE), digital health (ICDH), web-based services (ICWS), quantum software (QSW), and software services engineering (SSE). Moreover, it will feature two diversity & inclusion (D&I) symposia on women in services computing (WISC) and young experts on services computing (YESC), respectively. Finally, it will feature two special cross-conference symposia with renowned speakers and invited paper presentations, the IEEE John Vincent Atanasoff Symposium on Modern Computing and the IEEE Cark K. Chang Symposium on Software Services Engineering.

IEEE SERVICES is 100% financially co-sponsored by IEEE Computer Society with cash prizes provided in part by the IEEE Technical Community on Services Computing (TCSVC) for Best Papers, Best Student Papers, WISC Scholarship, and Open Software Services Awards.

Scholarship, and Open Software Services Awards.

CLOUD: IEEE International Conference On Cloud Computing
IEEE CLOUD is a flagship conference focusing on innovative cloud computing across all “as a service” categories (XaaS), covering all aspects of cloud computing infrastructure, applications, and business innovations.

EDGE: IEEE International Conference On Edge Computing & Communications
As the convergence of computing and communications executed close to data collection and places of storage and application, IEEE EDGE provides a prime international forum for sharing the latest advances and the emerging trends in converged edge computing & communications.

ICDH: IEEE International Conference On Digital Health
IEEE ICDH is a prime international forum for both researchers and industry practitioners to exchange the latest fundamental advances in the state of the art and practice of digital health technologies, emerging research topics, and the future of digital health.

ICWS: IEEE International Conference On Web Services
IEEE ICWS is a flagship conference focusing on Web-based services, featuring services modeling, development, publishing, discovery, recommendation, composition, testing, adaptation, delivery, management, governance, applications, systems, and standards.

QSW: IEEE International Conference On Quantum Software
IEEE QSW is focusing on quantum software engineering, including hybrid quantum software, quantum software development, quantum in the cloud, quantum applications and services, and quantum software analysis and evolution. The goal of QSW is to bring together researchers and practitioners from different areas of quantum computing and (classical) software and service engineering to strengthen the quantum software community and discuss, e.g., architectural styles, languages, and best practices of quantum software as well as many other aspects of the quantum software development lifecycle.

SSE: IEEE International Conference On Software Services Engineering
The inaugural IEEE SSE recognizes the need for a disruptive approach to enabling next generation software services that, besides encapsulating service code, apply state-of-the-art technologies that cut across the areas of service-oriented computing, machine learning, software engineering, pervasive computing, IoT, dependable computing, psychophysiological or brain science, autonomics, among others, to support the emerging cutting-edge networked applications. It evolves from the IEEE SCC (Services Computing).


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