A Collaborative Success Story - “The Future of the Technological Workforce”
The IEEE Industry Engagement Committee demonstrates how volunteers can leverage IEEE networks to achieve significant impact.

Connect and Collaborate with the IEEE Computer Society’s Global Community

The Computer Society is led by volunteer-experts creating new and effective ways to collaborate among industry, academia, and government. With subject based technical communities, membership chapters, and program boards and committees, there are ample opportunities to get involved and make a difference. This report is the result of effective participation, showing how:
  • Volunteers can leverage IEEE Computer Society’s network and community
  • The breadth of industry expertise is represented throughout the society
  • Relationships and connections can be developed by members
For those seeking to understand the value of IEEE Computer Society’s worldwide network, discover ways you can lend your skills to projects that matter. Learn more about how the IEEE CS supports industry.

The Future of the Technological Workforce

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