Diversity & Inclusion Project & Program Proposals

The IEEE Computer Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee seeks proposals for projects, programs, and events that further its mission to positively impact diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the computing community.


Creating impact through the IEEE Computer Society D&I FundIEEE Computer Society celebrated it’s 75th anniversary in 2021. One of the many wonderful actions that came from it was the creation of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and its establishing of the Diversity & Inclusion Fund to empower our community to increase inclusivity throughout computing.

For any additional questions, please email inclusion@computer.org


Call for Proposals

Make a difference in diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the computing community. Consider submitting a proposal for projects, programs and events to further this mission. This year, the IEEE Computer Society Diversity & Inclusion Call for Proposals (CFP) is focused on innovative proposals to expand computer science education access to a broader audience. Consider leveraging IEEE TryEngineering modules, creating emerging technology primers, or adapting the Software Engineering Body of Knowledge (SWEBOK) concepts. Proposals not focused on expanding education access will still be considered, but those aligned with education access will be scored higher.

Please complete the proposal submission form for consideration by the IEEE Computer Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee. For more information, please visit the frequently asked questions page.

Submissions for project proposals are now closed. Check back in fall 2024.  

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Proposal Template

Submitter Name, Title, Affiliation, Email Address, and Country

IEEE Membership Number (at least one member of the proposal team should be an IEEE member)

Project/Activity/Event Title

Project/Activity/Event Description (limited to 50 words)

Total funds requested (seeking proposals in the US $5,000-$15,000 range but larger projects/activities will also be considered)

Project/Activity/Event Budget Breakdown (identify major expenditures. Please note that funds cannot be used to pay individuals)

Plan for Fund Management – Please indicate whether funds will be managed by University, IEEE Section/Chapter or other. (limited to 100 words)

Key Objectives, Milestones, and Timeline (e.g., please indicate alignment with diversity & inclusion mission, comment on impact, consider the full lifecycle and long-term sustainability if applicable) (limit to 250 words)

Expected results in 2-5 key measurements (identify top goals and how they will be measured) (limited to 100 words)

Lead Team Members with Short Biographies (limit to 5 individuals) (limit to 500 words)

Potential connection to existing CS programs and/or products (identify any existing programs with which this proposal is connected) (if applicable; limited to 50 words)

A final impact report and video will be expected from all funded projects and activities.

[ ] I acknowledge and agree to initiate discussions no later than three weeks after proposal award notification.
[ ] If agreements are not able to be established within three months, I acknowledge that the proposal may be withdrawn.
[ ] I acknowledge and agree to create a video and impact report..

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Past Projects

The Diversity and Inclusion Fund was launched in 2021. View past programs that have been awarded funding.


  • Digital Literacy for Remote and Underprivileged Communities
  • Go Windsor Project
  • Tech for Tomorrow
  • TechForAll Code Camp
  • Women in STEM

Learn more about this year’s recipients and the mission of these projects.

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  • Inland Empire Data Science Workshops
  • iBelong Workshops
  • Raspberry Pi Coding Workshop
  • “Teenage Women Facing Science and Engineering” Conference
  • CodeWhisperer Training and Hackathon for ESL Developers
  • IEEE Learn-Compute Camp
  • iCARE Computer Science: iCS Program
  • Girls & Computing Workshop

Learn more about these projects and the communities they impact.

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What types of activities can be proposed?

Want to impact diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout the computing community? Consider submitting a proposal for projects, programs and events to further this mission.

We are looking for new types of projects/activities/events not already covered by Computer Society units, such as:

  • Outreach projects and other hands-on activities that broaden the reach of computing (such as events engaging broader demographics).
  • Panel discussions or workshops that bring together diverse perspectives, advancing D&I education (such as bias mitigation, computing to advance social justice and equity).
  • Reports, courses, briefings, training and other communications that summarize results and help to increase awareness for diversity and inclusion in computing.

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Can I submit a proposal for a new conference or publication?

No. Mechanisms already exist within the Computer Society to propose new conferences and publications.

For proposing new conferences, review the list of Computer Society Technical Communities (TCs), look for the one with closest affinity to the proposal, and contact the TC Chair directly. They will walk you through the application process for new conferences.

For proposing new publications, contact the Computer Society Publications department at periodicals@computer.org.

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Submission Link

Submit your proposal using the following link: https://ieee.secure-platform.com/a/solicitations/912/home

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When can I expect a response?

Decisions will be communicated in October via email to the proposal submitter.

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What are the criteria for evaluation?

Proposals will be evaluated for innovation/creativity, impact on target audience, alignment to education theme, relevance to computing and alignment with D&I goals.

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What could make your project more successful?

Do you anticipate longer-term impact & do you see any potential follow-on? If yes, share how you envision the idea can be scaled and what resources may be required.

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Who can I contact if I have questions about the proposal process?

Please direct any questions to inclusion@computer.org.

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What is the range of funding available?

We expect most proposals to be no less than US $5,000, up to a maximum of US $15,000. Larger proposals will be considered, but only one or two of these may be awarded.

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Are there terms, restrictions, and conditions related to the awarded funding?

Funds will be awarded upon completion of agreement documents. Funds must be used within the project timeline in the proposal.

All grant agreement information and materials must be submitted by the awardee within 30 days of receipt for the funding to be disbursed. Late materials or unresponsiveness may result in a retraction of the grant approval.

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Can I include indirect costs in the proposed budget?

Indirect expenses related to facilities costs may be added to the budget. Compensation for individuals is not allowed.

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What are expected deliverables at the end of a proposal?

A final impact report and video is expected from all funded projects and activities. More details about the deliverables will be communicated to selected proposals.

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What happens if we charge for participation in the proposed activity and end up with a surplus?

Proposals will be executed as Computer Society activities; therefore, any surplus will be part of the overall Computer Society budget.

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Can we make our activity open to non-Computer Society members?

Yes. Activities in which non-Computer Society members can participate may be good visibility for the Society and serve the larger community.

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Do all the members of the proposal team need to be Computer Society members?

One member of the proposal team must be an IEEE member. We encourage team members listed in the proposal to be Computer Society members.

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What countries are eligible for funding?

Applications are welcome from all countries where funds can be legally sent from the United States of America. A list of the countries sanctioned by the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control can be found here.

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What is the frequency of the call for proposals?

The call for proposals is issued once a year. Out-of-cycle requests will be evaluated by the IEEE Computer Society Diversity & Inclusion Committee quarterly.

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What proposals have been accepted in previous years?

Proposals accepted in the past include:

  • A Summer High School Internship for BIPOC Students
  • Computer Literacy, Empowerment and Education Programs for Inclusion and Diversity
  • The Atomic Habits for Inclusive Teaching Mentoring Circle
    You Belong in CS (UBCS)
  • TinyML Outreach Workshop with the Navajo Nation
  • iBelong Workshops: A summer workshops in IT/CS/Cyber for middle school students from underrepresented minorities (URM) and low-income / economically disadvantaged communities in the Omaha NE metropolitan area
  • Promoting data science research culture for first-generation, women, and underrepresented minority students in Inland Empire
  • Hands-On Raspberry Pi Coding Workshop for High School Students
  • Journeys: Teenage Women Facing Science and Engineering
  • Advancing equity and fairness in the use of AI-based code generation tools by supporting ESL developers.
  • Increasing Interest in Computer Science among Rural Secondary Students (iCARE Computer Science: iCS Programme)
  • IEEE Learn-Compute Camp 1.0 (ILCC 1.0)
  • 1st Workshop of Girls & Computing (1er Taller de Chicas y computación)

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