Dejan S. Milojicic

2017-2018 IEEE Division VIII Director

Dejan S. Milojicic Dejan S. Milojicic is an established researcher with a full career in industry, and a long-term IEEE-CS volunteer. As an IEEE-CS Board of Governors member, he participated in developing the IEEE-CS 2011 Strategic Plan. He is the founding editor in chief of Computing Now and an IEEE Internet Computing editorial board member. He was appointed first Special Technical Communities chair, and served as past chair of the IEEE-CS Technical Committee on Operating Systems and on many program committees (ICDCS, CLOUD, and EDOC, among others). An IEEE-CS, ACM, and Usenix member for more than 20 years, Milojicic is an IEEE Fellow, IEEE-CS Golden Core Member, and ACM Distinguished Engineer. He has received an IEEE-CS Outstanding Contribution award.

At HP Labs since 1998, Milojicic is a senior researcher and managing director of the Open Cirrus Cloud Computing Testbed. Previously, he was with OSF Research Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Institute Mihajlo Pupin in Belgrade, Serbia. He teaches cloud management at San Jose State University, California.

Milojicic received a PhD from Kaiserslautern University, Germany. He has served on six thesis committees and guided 40 interns. He has published two books, more than 120 papers, and been awarded 11 patents and 22 patent applications.