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From the July-September 2017 issue

Adaptive 3D Virtual Learning Environments—A Review of the Literature

By Ezequiel Scott, Alvaro Soria, and Marcelo Campo

Free Featured ArticleNew ways of learning have emerged in the last years by using computers in education. For instance, many Virtual Learning Environments have been widely adopted by educators, obtaining promising outcomes. Recently, these environments have evolved into more advanced ones using 3D technologies and taking into account the individual learner needs and preferences. This focus has led a shift to more personalized learning approaches, requiring that the environments adapt themselves to the learner. Then, many adaptive 3D environments have explored adaptive features to create new and enhanced learning experiences in different contexts. However, very little is known about both what factors are involved with adaptive 3D environments to achieve learning benefits and what assessment factors are present in current studies. For this reason, this review analyzes the recent publications on Adaptive 3D Virtual Learning Environments. Findings have revealed that these environments have covered factors on defining the learner's model, the instructional strategies and contents, and the adaptations mechanisms. Nearly half of the environments have addressed thorough assessments whereas the rest has not reported any evaluation at all. Moreover, when they report assessment, promising outcomes have also been shown not only in multiple domains of knowledge but also at various stages of education. These findings indicate that the field of Adaptive 3D Virtual Learning Environments is an active and ongoing area, and this study highlights several promising directions and suggestions for future research.

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