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Women in Computing: Challenges & Opportunities 
Jill Gostin, Board of Governors 

Date: Thursday, 27 April 

Time: 11 AM ET

Women in many of the STEM fields continue to struggle to gain footing. While computing has traditionally had more women than some of the other technical fields, the number of women in computing has been on a decline. A recent study showed that by 2025, the number of women in the computing workforce will decline to 22%; in 1995 that number was 37%. Join us as we discuss: 

  • The challenge of growing our numbers
  • The challenge of being a woman in a male-dominated work environment
  • The chance to turn challenges into opportunities
  • The road ahead

#womenincomputing #womenintech #womeninstem


About the Presenter

Jill I. Gostin has an MS in applied mathematics from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and is a Principal Research Scientist and the Deputy Director of the Information and Communications Laboratory at the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI). She has served on multiple GTRI and Georgia Tech committees and is currently the Chair of the GTRI Awards Council. She has worked at GTRI since 1985, where her work has focused on algorithm assessment and software test and evaluation. She has authored or co-authored numerous technical papers, and won multiple research and service awards. She has managed large programs related to radar software development and testing, was instrumental in creating an acoustic environment simulation, and has successfully developed fractal geometry applications. Full bio at

Within IEEE, Ms. Gostin currently serves as Sensors Council VP Finance, Region 3 Leadership Development Chair, and on the Member and Geographic Activities (MGA) Awards Committee and the MGA Training Committee. She serves as a member of the Computer Society (CS) Board of Governors, as CS MGA Vice Chair for Geographic Activities, and on the CS Nominations Committee.  She was the 2012-2013 chair of both the Atlanta Section and the Atlanta CS Chapter, and has served as the Section Treasurer, Vice Chair, Student Branch Coordinator, and Membership Development Chair.  She was Tutorials Chair for SoutheastCon 2009, Administrative Chair for AESS's RadarCon 2012, and General Chair for the Atlanta Metro Area Workshop 2013. She also is the Volunteer/Team Development Lead for the IEEE-USA MOVE Community Outreach Initiative. She is a member of the CS, the Aerospace and Electronic Systems Society, and Women in Engineering.

Ms. Gostin was selected as the 2016 Georgia Women in Technology Woman of the Year Award for the medium business category (251 to 2500) employees. 

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