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Applying for Scholarships: Tips and Guidelines

Peter Mager
Vice Chair, Membership and Geographic Activities Board

Date: Thursday, 7 September

Time: 2:00 PM ET

The IEEE Computer Society (CS) supports student members through scholarship opportunities. These scholarships encourage excellence, and foster academic achievements among computer science and engineering students.  The Computer Society offers the following three awards:

·  Richard E. Merwin Scholarships— up to 36 scholarships of $1000 each; deadlines 30 September & 30 April

·  Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society—four (4) US$1,000 awards; deadline 31 October

·  Lance Stafford Larson Paper Contest—two (2) US$500 awards; deadline 31 October

We'll review the eligibility and submission requirement for each scholarship, and provide some helpful tips on how to tailor your application to suit the requirements.


About the Presenter

Peter Mager

Peter MagerPeter Mager is Vice Chair of the IEEE Computer Society Membership and Geographic Activities Board and Chair of its Awards and Recognition Committee. He was Chair of the IEEE Computer Society’s Boston Chapter for 6 years (from 2006 to 2012) and still runs its evening seminar series. He has served as a regional representative on various MGAB committees. In the distant past, Peter was Secretary-Treasurer of the ACM Special Interest Group on Programming Languages (SIGPLAN) and Co-chair of two of its conferences POPL and PPEALS (a predecessor of PPOP). 

He has worked as an employee or consultant for computer manufacturers (DG, DEC, Incoterm), language/environment developers (Intermetrics, Softech), and performance modeling and research consultants (BGS, Mitre). He also taught at the Metropolitan College of Boston University and at Northeastern University. Currently, he writes computer software and explores applications of computer science techniques to computational and synthetic biology.

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Wednesday, 26 July
Presidential Town Hall Election: Cecilia Metra & Hausi Muller
Moderator: David Alan Grier
2013 IEEE Computer Society President

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Thursday, 29 June
Navigating the Computer Society Digital Library
Georgann Carter
Senior Manager, Computer Society Digital Library Sales


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Tuesday, 23 May
Young Professionals: We Are the Future
Ramesh Nair
Global Vice Chair, IEEE Young Professionals

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Thursday, 27 April
Women in Computing: Challenges & Opportunities
Jill Gostin
IEEE CS Board of Governors

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Thursday, 16 March 2017
CS Leadership Nominations
Roger Fujii
2016 Computer Society President

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Tuesday, 23 February 2017
myCS: Your Publications Portal
Greg Byrd
Vice President of Membership & Geographic Activities

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017
Benefits of Membership
Cecilia Metra
Vice President of Membership & Geographic Activities

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Tuesday, 20 December
2016 Webinar Series - Year in Review: A Board Member's Perspective
Christina Schober
Board of Governors

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Tuesday, 29 November
Special Technical Communities
Bruce McMillin
Board of Governors

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Monday, 26 September
Education Activities
Andy Chen
Vice President, Professional and Educational Activities

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Wednesday, 21 September
Introducing a New Membership Experience
Eric Berkowitz
Director of Membership

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Wednesday, 24 August
Personalizing Your CS Membership Experience
John Walz
IEEE Division VIII Director

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Friday, 22 July
Roger Fujii
IEEE Computer Society President

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Wednesday, 29 June
Pierre Bourque
Board of Governors

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Thursday, 26 May
David S. Ebert
VP of Publications

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Thursday, 21 April
Jill I. Gostin
IEEE CS MGAB Vice Chair, Outreach Committee and Geo Activities

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Thursday, 31 March
Hausi Muller
Vice President, Technical & Conferences Activities Board

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Friday, 26 February
Staff Interactions    
Angela Burgess
Executive Director

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