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SkillChoice Complete: Your Online Learning Portal

Jim Zimmermann
Senior Manager, Solution Practice, Skillsoft

Date: Thursday, 9 November

Time: 12:00 PM ET

SkillChoice Complete is the IEEE Computer Society’s online learning portal. Powered by Skillsoft, the portal is available 24x7 to members with the Preferred Plus, Training & Development, or Student membership tiers and is now accessible through the Skillsoft mobile app.

The SkillChoice Complete library comes with three full Skillsoft libraries: IT, Desktop, & Business. There are 67,000+ resources including:

·  Books, audio books, courses, & videos

·  15,000+ Books24x7 titles

·  Certification prep – courses, books, videos, & study guides for 100+ IT certifications; mentorship for 75+ of the IT certifications

·  80 IT Playlists – a collection of curated books, videos, & courses on popular topics such as CISSP, Python, & Scrum

This webinar will cover our library and how these resources can help enhance your skillset and advance your career. An individual license to SkillChoice Complete is valued at $3,300 - easily making this the best value in your IEEE Computer Society membership.



Jim Zimmermann

Jim ZimmermannJim Zimmermann is the Senior Manager for Skillsoft's Solution Practice and the practicing Solution Principal for IT and Digital training solutions for North American and EMEA. Jim leads a team of Solution Principals that support all of Skillsoft’s core coverage areas including business and leadership, IT and digital, and compliance.

During his 40+ years in the IT and media industries, Jim has worked for the largest IT firms as well as SMBs and startups. Jim started his career as a scientific programmer for an environmental engineering firm where he ended up teaching programming to other scientists. Jim went on to hold positions in product management, product and corporate marketing, and technical consulting. He also wrote the first email system that was commercially available for the then “brand new” IBM PC. Jim later became a “serial entrepreneur” and he started, grew, and sold three IT/media companies, including the first company to offer photo retouching and color prepress capabilities on off-the-shelf UNIX workstations.

Jim is a successful writer and industry analyst who has had dozens of articles published in leading publications and media outlets, and he has written analyst reports and white papers for many of the top global IT and telecommunications companies.

For the last 12 years, Jim has worked for Skillsoft in a variety of capacities, starting in the Books business where he created the AnalystPerspectives collection, moving to directing the Product Marketing efforts for Skillsoft’s entire award winning IT and Digital Skills training product line. In his current role, he works with Skillsoft’s largest strategic customers to help them provide optimized solutions for training their leaders, managers, and staff.

Jim is a member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, The Union of Concerned Scientists, National Resources Defense Council, and The Sierra Club. Jim has a BS in Natural Sciences from St. Thomas Aquinas College.

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Late November
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myCS: Your Publications Portal
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Thursday, 31 March
Hausi Muller
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