Technical Co-sponsorship (TCS) Instructions for TC Chairs

When a conference organizes wants staff to initiate contact with a TC, the following email outlining TCS criteria will be sent to the TC Chair.  
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Dear (TC Chair Title / Name Here),
We have received a request for Technical Co-Sponsorship (TCS) from (Conf. Acronym / Year).  As you know, TCS status does not convey a financial role for the CS; however, TC chairs are in the best position to evaluate the technical quality and structure of the conference and whether the Computer Society should accept involvement.
In order for us to proceed with the review of the TCS application, we require a letter of endorsement from the TC Chair.  Please sign and date the letter and return it to, in either MS Word or PDF format.
The letter must include the following information:
1. Is this conference within the FOI (Field of Interest) of your TC?
2. Based on prior TCS, have members of your TC been directly and substantially involved in the technical program?
3. The Computer Society Technical & Conference Activities Board would like you to appoint someone to sit on the conference’s board to oversee the peer-review, so please include the name and email address of this person in your response.
4. Review the General Chair, Finance Chair, and other organizers provided – can you or other volunteers in your community vouch for the technical creditability of the organizers and potential quality of the conference?
5. To your knowledge, do this conference’s organizing, steering, and program committees include a significant representation of the IEEE and or Computer Society members?
6. Is the “role of each sponsor represented on the Technical Program Committee” correct, as indicated on the MOU?
7. Do you have confidence in the structure of the technical program/peer review process as described by the organizer in the MOU?
8. If applicable, for new conferences, why is it not already represented by an existing conference.
9.  Finally, please provide a brief statement about how this conference will provide a measurable contribution to the profession and the IEEE Computer Society.
Thank you for your review.


Provided below is an email that we send to the organizer to contact the TC Chair for the Statement of Benefits.

Statement of Benefits:
To justify review for Technical Co-Sponsorship, an IEEE CS Technical Committee or Technical Council (TC) Chair must provide their written endorsement in the form of a Statement of Benefits letter.  The TC and TC Chair must also be listed on the application.  A list of the TC Chairs is located at
Note that the TC will not receive financial benefits or added entitlements from a conference that is granted Technical Co-Sponsorship.  The TC chair must email his/her completed Statement of Benefits letter directly to  We have a sample Statement of Benefits letter attached here.  We recommend the letter be created in MS Word or PDF format. Please make sure it is signed and dated by the TC Chair, and forward it to us as an email attachment.