Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks: Section 4

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Updated June 2019



4.1.1    Composition

The composition of the Executive Committee and the voting rights of each member are specified in the Bylaws.

4.1.2    Powers

The Executive Committee shall serve as the volunteer oversight body for staffing, facilities, capital expenditures, and other matters relating to the operations of the Society (see Bylaws, Article IV, Section 2).

The Executive Committee shall act for the Board or subjects for which it has been authorized by the Board (see Bylaws, Article IV, Section 3).  They include, but are not limited to, the following:

Initiate modifications and amend the IEEE Computer Society Policies & Procedures Manual based on the recommendations of the Constitution & Bylaws Committee (PPM Section 1.4).

Approve up to $25,000  per operating or capital budget line item per meeting up to a cumulative total (across all budget lines and meetings) of 5% of the approved base budget (PPM Section 15.2.3).


Executive Committee members shall:

1.    Maintain wide ranging contacts, at all levels with members, volunteers, and staff of the society and IEEE, including chapters. The primary staff contacts shall be appointed by the Society Executive Director.

2.    Assist the president in identifying potential leaders.

3.    Assist the president in setting and achieving overall society objectives.

4.    Serve as a member ex officio of the Board of Governors unless otherwise holding a vote as a franchised member of the Board.

5.    Perform other duties as assigned by the president or by the Board of Governors

6.    Seek out opportunities for cross-board cooperation and collaboration.

7.    Encourage active participation by Program Board members in other IEEE Computer Society activities.

8.    Submit candidates for Computer Society service awards, e.g. Certificates of Appreciation, Outstanding Contribution Certificate,  Meritorious Service Certificate, and Distinguished Service Certificate.

9.    Become familiar with the IEEE Computer Society governing documents (Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures Manual and operational handbooks.