Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks: Section 29

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Updated August 2020



The Division Nominating Committee shall recommend IEEE Division Delegate-Director-Elect candidates to the Board of Governors in compliance with IEEE bylaws and IEEE Technical Activities Board (TAB) policies.

The Division Nominating Committee shall also solicit annually from within the Computer Society the names of potential candidates to be considered by the TAB Nominations & Appointments (N&A) Committee for service on TAB Committees. The TAB N&A Committee will provide the Division Nominating Committee with information about the openings on TAB committees and the respective criteria for membership on those committees.


The Division Nominating Committee shall consist of members as defined in Article II of the bylaws. Members shall serve a two-year term. The chair shall be a non-voting member and is not eligible to be considered for nomination by the committee.

Neither the chair nor any other Division Nominating Committee members shall be a sitting member of IEEE Tellers Committee, IEEE Election Oversight Committee, or the IEEE Board of Directors, and if named to one of these committees, must immediately resign from the Division Nominating Committee.

The IEEE Computer Society President shall notify IEEE Corporate Activities and the TAB N&A Committee of the selected Division Nominating Committee members no later than 1 June.


The TAB Operations Manual describes the timeline and process for the Division Delegate-Director-elect call for nominations and the eligibility review of potential nominees. The call for nominations shall be distributed within the Division no later than 15 June of the year preceding the election, and all nominations must be received by 15 August. By 15 October, all potential nominees are reviewed for eligibility and eligible nominations are sent to the Division Nominating Committee. All nominees must be current IEEE and IEEE Computer Society members.

The Division Nominating Committee shall decide how many candidates to place on the slate but the slate must include at least two candidates and may have a maximum of three candidates. The Division Nominating Committee shall make its candidate recommendations to the current Board of Governors at least two weeks prior to the Board meeting at which the Board will approve the slate by secret ballot.