Policies & Procedures Manual and Operations Handbooks: Section 19

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Updated December 2019


 19.1 IEEE Computer Society History Committee

The History Committee shall be responsible for assisting existing Society, Institute, national and international organizations in preserving and documenting the history of computing, with particular attention to the history of the IEEE Computer Society.

Within the responsibilities of the History Committee shall be:

1.   Collecting, maintaining, and publishing basic quantitative data on the IEEE Computer Society’s efforts.

2.   Publishing articles and books dealing with the historical aspects of the IEEE Computer Society and encouraging similar activity on the part of others.

3.   Gathering, organizing, and maintaining the IEEE Computer Society archives.

4.   Maintaining liaisons with, and working through, existing IEEE Computer Society, IEEE, national and international organizations to identify, collect, and preserve the history of computing throughout the world.


The Chair of the History Committee shall be appointed by the IEEE Computer Society president.

Members-at-large of the History Committee will be appointed by the Chair, and will be chosen so as to fulfill the responsibilities of the committee.

Members shall be appointed to provide liaison with IEEE Computer Society, IEEE, national, and international history of computing organizations.

Ex-officio members:  The Editor-in-Chief of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computing shall be an ex officio member of the History Committee.  The president and executive director shall be ex officio, non-voting members of the History Committee.


The History Committee shall maintain liaisons with:

1.   The IEEE History Committee

2.   The IEEE Center for the History of Electrical Engineering

3.   The IEEE Computer Society Awards Committee (and especially the Computer Pioneer Award Subcommittee)

4.   IFIP Working Group 9.7, History of Computing

5.   Museums, archives, and organizations with interests in the history of computing as appropriate.


1.   The History Committee shall identify historical events that it recommends be honored by the IEEE Computer Society.

2.   As part of its ongoing activities, the History  Committee may determine that appropriate deserving historical figures should be honored by the Committee Society.  In such cases, the chairperson of the History Committee shall forward such names together with its recommendations to the IEEE Computer Society Awards Committee for consideration.

3.    The History Committee shall work with the Editorial Board of the IEEE Annals of  the History of  Computing to review and recommend policies and procedures of the magazine in fulfilling the mission of collecting, preserving, and publicizing the history of computing.  This advisory activity shall not supersede the responsibilities of the Editorial Board,  or the IEEE Computer Society Publications Board, in managing the day-to-day publication and production of the magazine.