Industry Advisory Board
The IEEE Computer Society Industry Advisory Board (IAB) is composed of high-profile and committed visionary leaders from both industry and academia.

The Industry Advisory Board works to build key relationships with industry and academia to facilitate cutting-edge information and knowledge resource benefits for the Society’s membership and users of technology and technology information world-wide.

The IAB’s mission is to help the Computer Society critically examine the organization’s business plans and practices and to offer advice and assistance to ensure that the IEEE Computer Society is a relevant professional association for the entire computing profession, including engineers, researchers, practitioners, and academics.

Governed by its charter and mission, the IAB works in an advisory capacity separate from, but in collaboration with, the IEEE Computer Society’s governance, to guide the development of Society products and services.

Current advisory board members:

  • Mr. Rich Belgard, IAB past Co-Chairman (2015 – 2017), Computer Hardware, Independent Consultant
  • Anita Carleton, Director, Software Solutions Division
  • Mr. Rufo De Francisco, IAB Chairman (2018 – 2020), Director, Software Quality, Intel Corporation
  • Dr. Zoran Dimitrijevic, Software Engineer, SAP
  • Ms. Sandra Forney, Director of the Engineering Center of Excellence (eCOE), Northrop Grumman’s Mission Systems
  • Dr. Jun (Luke) Huan, Director, ShenShang Tech
  • Dr. Stephen D. Huffman, IAB past Chairman (2008 – 2011), Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, MITRE Corporation
  • Mr. (Hsien-Hsin) Sean Lee, Deputy Director, Design and Technology Platform, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company
  • Dr. Ike Nassi, CEO & Founder, TidalScale
  • Gretchen Peacock, Senior Manager, Collaboration with Engineering and Program Operations, Lockheed Martin
  • Dr. Jim Pinkelman, Director of Microsoft Research Connections
  • Mr. Shmuel Shottan, IAB past Chairman (2013 to 2015), Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Hitachi Data Systems
  • Dr. Alan Skelley, IAB past Co-Chairman (2015 – 2017 ), Software Engineer, Google, Inc.
  • Dr. Linda Rosenberg Wilbanks, Director, IT Risk Management Group, CISO, FSA, U.S. Department of Education

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Ex officio IAB members are the IEEE Computer Society governance leadership:

  • Melissa Russell, Executive Director, IEEE Computer Society
  • Leila De Floriani, President, IEEE Computer Society