Finance Committee
Learn more about the Finance Committee, its mission, and its members.

The Finance Committee develops and analyzes the budget using information provided by the vice presidents and chairs of each board and standing committee.

The Finance Committee is chaired by a treasurer appointed by the president, and consists of the president, president-elect, assistance treasurer, immediate past president, and the secretary.


2022 Finance Committee


  • Michela Taufer

Assistant Treasurer

  • Charles Hansen


  • Jyotika Athavale
  • David Ebert*
  • William D. Gropp
  • Sumit Kacker**
  • Grace A. Lewis*
  • Riccardo Mariani*
  • Andre Oboler*
  • Nita Patel
  • Annette Reilly*
  • Melissa Russell**
  • Forrest J. Shull
  • Hironori Washizaki*

* Ex officio, non-voting members

** Staff Ex officio, non-voting members


Updated 4/20/2022