Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Learn more about the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, its mission, and its members.
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The Diversity & Inclusion Committee fosters an environment in which all individuals are encouraged to participate and engage in Society activities and programs without regard to gender, race, age, national origin, sexual affiliation, gender identity, gender expression, affiliation, and other demographic factors. The Committee coordinates and promotes activities across the Society that further the mission to serve and engage underrepresented groups in computer science and engineering and recommends new initiatives to create a more diverse and inclusive Society.

The Chair of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee is elected annually by the Committee membership, which consists of eight members with staggered two-year terms appointed by the President.

2024 Diversity & Inclusion Committee


  • Grace Lewis


  • Ishfaq Ahmad
  • Jyotika Athavale**
  • Kelly Blincoe
  • Kwabena Boateng
  • Brookes Little*
  • Irene Pazos Viana
  • Jeewika Ranaweera
  • Missy Russell**
  • Shivam Shivam
  • Jessica Upani
  • Nanette Veilleux

* Staff

** Ex officio

Updated 1.15.2024