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2018 – The Year Ahead in Cybersecurity
Once again cybersecurity rose to the top of the news in 2017. Unfortunately, 2018 doesn’t seem to hold any change in news of breaches and security incidents abating. But there are technologies on the horizon that could change the equation.
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Know What’s in Your Software and Stay Ahead of Vulnerabilities
Open source components have become a critical part of code development—and a top target for cyber-attackers. With one component breach, an attacker can reach hundreds of thousands of applications.
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The Path to a Mature Application Security Program
Do you know what makes Application Security effective? Watch this short video to find out!
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The Good and the Bad of Code Reuse
You might be aware of the good aspects of reusing code, but do you know the bad? Learn more in this short video.
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Checklist for Security Professionals in a DevSecOps World
The responsibility for ensuring the stability and security of software through production is moving earlier in the cycle to include developers. With this shift, security gets baked into code earlier, greatly increasing the chance of producing secure code without costly late-stage fixes. But what does this shift mean for security professionals? What does their job look like if developers are responsible for security testing?
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CA Veracode Verified
Recent data breaches heightened the awareness of your customers to the importance of good security practices, resulting in greater pressures before purchasing from you. By integrating security into the development process, you prove your security stance to your customers while lowering the risk of data breaches due to insecure software.
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Anatomy of a Development Champion
There’s a lot of focus on the need to create security champions to be advocates for integrating security into development processes. But what about creating development champions on the security team? In a DevSecOps world, the security team needs more than a superficial understanding of development.
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Your Journey to an Advanced Application Security Program
There are an established series of stages most organizations progress through when developing an application security program. Wherever the organization begins its application security journey, the goal should be to mature over time to have an advanced program.
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How to Get Your Software CA Veracode Verified
When your application is CA Veracode Verified, you prove at a glance that you’ve made security a priority, and that your security program is backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry.
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Tale of Two Teams
As DevSecOps changes the way software is created and distributed, it is also changing the roles and responsibilities of the development and security teams.
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How to Make Application Security a Competitive Advantage
Awareness of application security issues is growing. With massive-scale data breaches making headlines, decision makers want assurance that the software they purchase won’t give attackers access to sensitive data.
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Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing
DevSecOps, modern web application design and high-profile breaches are affecting the growing application security testing market. Security and risk management leaders will need to meet tighter deadlines and test more-complex applications by integrating and automating AST in the software life cycle.
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