Breakthrough Computer Vision Research and Applications You May Have Missed
TCPAMI has put together a collection of research that received the Best Paper Awards in 2023 at four major computer vision and pattern analysis conferences.

TCPAMI's Grand Collection

Computer vision is experiencing remarkable growth, fueled by breakthroughs in pattern recognition, artificial intelligence, and image processing. TCPAMI's Grand Collection is a compendium of computer vision research that received the Best Paper Award in 2023 from CVPR, WACV, ICCV, and ICCP, covering a range of topics from decision-making of autonomous driving systems to visual programming techniques.

These conferences, organized by the Technical Community on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (TCPAMI), collectively highlight the rapid advancements and diverse applications of computer vision technology, offering valuable insights and collaboration opportunities for computer vision experts.

Download TCPAMI's Grand Collection to stay abreast of the topics influencing research in 2024. Paper titles include:

  • Lossy Image Compression with Quantized Hierarchical VAEs
  • Exemplar Guided Deep Neural Network for Spatial Transcriptomics Analysis of Gene Expression Prediction
  • Visual Programming: Compositional visual reasoning without training
  • Planning-oriented Autonomous Driving
  • Passive Ultra-Wideband Single-Photon Imaging
  • Adding Conditional Control to Text-to-Image Diffusion Models

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Download TCPAMI's Grand Collection

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