Women in Computer Science at New Mexico Tech

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 03/17/2022
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WiCS at New Mexico TechIn their article published on the Technical Community on Learning Technology bulletin, “The Women in Computer Science Program in New Mexico Tech,” Amy Knowles shares some stunning statistics for female students. While females make up a majority of the overall student population across American universities, only 22.5% of bachelor’s degrees are awarded to them. What’s even more stunning is that this number decreases dramatically at STEM-focused universities like New Mexico Tech where the female representation is less than 15%.



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Rather than being dismayed by these disparities, three alumni from New Mexico Tech took action in 2017 and put their support toward Women in Computer Science (WiCS), “a professional organization dedicated to promoting a more diverse environment in both [New Mexico Tech] Computer Science department and in the university at large.” The goal of WiCS is to increase the representation of female students in both the university and computer science department.

Continue reading, “The Women in Computer Science Program in New Mexico Tech” by Amy Knowles to see the steps WiCS has taken to improve New Mexico Tech’s computer science curriculum, spark interest in the department, and retain students.


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