Cloud Computing: Why Use SaaS for Data Analytics and Help Your Brand Grow

by Steve Habazin
Published 10/15/2019
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The rise of the Internet and its permeating influence on our daily lives sees no limits. From personal social media engagement to how we do business, a lot is stored and done in “the cloud.” To think there’s an entire space dedicated to our virtual activities may have been unbelievable in the past, but now it’s just a way of life, for you, your company, and brand. Cloud computing is now commonplace when it comes to running a business and your brand should also look to it, especially for solutions in data analytics. Read on to see how “the cloud,” and SaaS can help you make data-driven decisions for brand growth. 


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Software as a service, or more recognizable as SaaS, continues to grow in popularity as an alternative to in-house hardware. By following SaaS business models your company can become more efficient since software is easy to deploy and kept updated by the provider. Your company also gains the ability to be more flexible with subscription-based licensing and cost is minimized since SaaS requires less infrastructure from your team to maintain.

While the benefits of using SaaS on an operational level are clear, the key to understanding why SaaS is persistent and successful is because of how mainstream cloud computing actually is.  Cloud computing is understood as the availability and delivery of computing or computer services. These services include, but are not limited to storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, or intelligence, and are all done over the Internet, aka “the cloud.”

Data analytics and “the cloud”

Our ability to use software via the cloud is a modern feat in it of its own, but the information that we can acquire that is available at a moment’s notice and on top of that, reliable, deserves recognition. Data analytics as a process, function, or tool is essential when it comes to running a business and maintaining a brand.  


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Data analytics is a science that can fall under cloud computing in that it’s a type of activity or process that occurs within the cloud computing space. Data analytics is how information is interpreted and then turned into something useful or actionable. The knowledge you gain through data and how you use it is a, if not the, fundamental pillar of your company’s success.

But, as Marc Benioff, founder, CEO and chairman of Salesforce said, “If someone asks me what cloud computing is, I try not to get bogged down with definitions. I tell that that, simply put, cloud computing is a better way to run your business.” Let’s see where using cloud computing and SaaS can help your brand grow.

Product tracking and delivery

Knowing the logistics of the products or services your company offers is important for efficiency, accuracy, and consistency when it comes to distribution. There are a lot of different metrics and factors that need to be tracked and sometimes creating your own method or strategy isn’t the easiest or even the best option. Take for example online e-commerce sites, digital ebooks, or online courses – the best way to understand the customer journey and who our audiences are, is by monitoring the interest with a SaaS solution that analyzes these audiences with a corresponding interest algorithm.

Avoid the hassle of mapping production, tracking, and distribution with a SaaS application to make the complex simple. Depending on the type of business you’re running, take advantage of cloud software that has already established the best routes for delivery, can provide automatic notifications for sudden changes, or use live tracking to see where your products are.

Audience tracking

Using a data analytics tool when it comes to knowing your audience can’t be stressed enough. At the end of the day it is your audience that’s choosing your product or services, and it’s that interaction which determines your brand’s viability and company success.


Use a SaaS application to get the data you need to see how many people know about you, how they think about your company, and what they associate with your brand. Many big businesses use smart data to get the insights of what works best for them. One of such solutions that works great by providing highly accurate results is the MRP brand tracking that uses advanced science data to monitor thousands of audiences’ characteristics. These types of smart data analytics provide clear metrics of your brand’s visibility and how to strategize your business approach.

The benefits of using a cloud based software include getting reliable data about your audience while saving time and effort.

Social Media

There is a lot to do when it comes to social media. Just creating the content is time consuming, let alone doing the research of when you should post and what type of content you should provide. Fortunately, SaaS applications do the tedious data work and can also provide additional services in scheduling and posting


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Aside from software amenities, there’s also something to be learned from SaaS companies themselves and how they engage with social media. SaaS companies like Mailchimp are very effective in their social media campaigns and how they’ve been able to create trust, credibility, and have attracted and maintained customers. 

Agile development

If your company is working within the Agile framework, using cloud computing encourages an iterative approach by allowing flexibility and quick adaptations. Agile functions as a method that changes and adjusts as things are occurring. Using SaaS can allow those changes to happen easily as the process is underway since one of the most attractive features of SaaS is easy integration with a team to back it up.  

Grow your brand with data analytics

Using cloud computing and SaaS provides unquestionable benefits to the structure and operations of your company and the data that comes from using such applications is also incredibly useful. 

The way in which businesses work is changing and no longer are the days of relying on your own team or IT to do everything. Use SaaS for your company’s data analytics and engage the information on product tracking and delivery, audience tracking, social media, maintaining your brand color, agile development, and more to build your company and brand.