Wake Up Call: Top Career Skills to Land in Your Dream Tech Companies

By Lucy Manole
Published 10/08/2019
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Tech companies, exceptionally big tech firms are compensating their employees particularly well. No wonder excellent salary package is one of the main factors why people look for tech jobs.

The chart below reveals the high figures paid by some of the biggest tech companies to their employees.

However, competition is fierce, to say the least. You need to possess at least some of the in-demand career skills in order to land on a high paying tech job.

If you are among those looking for a career in tech, here are the top career skills you should focus upon.
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1.   Machine Learning

Today, possessing machine learning skills can make you very rich. It is probably one of the most sought after skills in the world currently. Chatbox, Alexa, Siri, self-driving cars, and many of the other new innovative technologies are made available because of machine learning.

Jobs in machine learning are also on the rise. As per the International Data Corporation, spending on AI and ML will grow from $12B in 2017 to $57.6 B in 2021.

Moreover, machine learning can be applied to almost all industries, including healthcare, education, and finance.

The below image shows how AI is used in the Healthcare industry.

healthcare chart

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In case you become a Machine Learning Engineer in the USA, you can expect to earn an average of $141,362 per year.

There are tons of Machine Learning & Data Science courses online that can teach you the concepts and skills needed to become a Machine Learning Engineer.

2.   SEO/SEM Marketing

Companies with websites are always looking for digital marketing experts as they want to boost their company’s web presence and visibility. In fact, according to a study, 82% of marketers reported that SEO effectiveness is on the rise.

In another study, 61% of marketers reported that improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

If you learn SEO/SEM, you will be able to offer multiple services. Apart from building websites, you can also optimize and market them.

As a Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills, you can expect to earn an average of $64,357, according to PayScale.

Wish to learn SEO strategy development, keyword research basics, on-page SEO fundamentals, and link building? You can learn SEO by reading various online resources such as Whiteboard Friday by Rand Fishkin, Ahrefs & NeilPatel blog and practice them.

3.   Mobile Development

Did you know that mobile apps are expected to generate $189 billion in revenue by 2020? Everyone is using smartphones these days, and with its increase, there is a growing population of mobile app users as well.

The statistic below reveals the growth in app downloads each year.

app download chart

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If you have mobile development skills, you can build apps for others, and you can create your own app and sell as well. It is an ideal career path.

You can find the annual salary of mobile app developer by country below.

salary chart

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There are numerous mobile app development courses online that you enroll in to kickstart your career.

4.   Cybersecurity

Any company that gathers customer information or deals with sensitive data will want to ensure that their networks are secure. Every now and then you hear about hackers stealing information and data. Though it sounds unreal, even big names like Cloudflare are not exempted from it.

According to experts, cybercrime is anticipated to cost the world $6 trillion by 2021.

No wonder, cybersecurity is one of the most-needed jobs and one of the tech skills in demand.  Check out the different cybersecurity engineer salaries across the US. The figures are high!

But unfortunately, as per reports, the demand for cybersecurity experts is far outpacing supply. Cybersecurity Ventures estimates that there will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2021. But that’s good news for those looking for a career in this field as you can quickly fill the role if you are skilled.

If you wish to start a cybersecurity career, there are various courses that will help you out.

5.   Cloud Computing

Gartner estimated that Worldwide Public Cloud Revenue would grow to 17.3 Percent in 2019. Cloud computing is a growing field as more and more companies are moving from the classical server infrastructure to cloud solutions.

As per Forbes, the most in-demand cloud computing skills include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Java, Linux, software development, DevOps, Docker, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

If you desire to become an AWS specialist, you will earn more as a certified specialist. In an interview, 70% of certified AWS professionals reported a salary increase of up to 20 %.

You can also learn all about Clouds, Distributed Systems, and Networking by enrolling in a cloud computing course.

In 2018, the median salary for cloud computing professionals was $146,350.

6.   UI/UX Design

As per Abode, 87% of managers when surveyed said hiring more UX designers is the number 1 priority for their organization. UI/UX designer posts are among the top 25 highest paying jobs in demand, with an average salary of $96,885. Both UI and UX designs are great career choices.

ux chart

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To kickstart your career learn the basics, strategy/theory, and implementation and critical elements of user experience by enrolling in a UX/UI course.

7.   Soft Skills

Apart from the hard skills, you should also possess soft skills as a tech professional in order to provide competition. Soft skills are equally as important as hard skills as they go hand in hand. Soft skills such as being a problem solver, having great communication skills, adaptability, time management, creativity, persuasion skills, and curiosity are must-have skills.

Winding Up

If you are planning to land on your dream tech job, expanding your skills is the only certain way.  The competition is tough out there in the real world.

As technology is always evolving, you have to be aware of the latest skills and find ways to expose yourself to them to be able to succeed in the tech industry.

The skills mentioned in this article are some of the top career skills that can help you land a tech job with a high-paying salary. Also, don’t overlook the soft skills. Both hard and soft skills should go side by side in order for your career to succeed.

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