Webinar: The State of Software Security as Told by The Unicorn Project

Published 11/07/2019
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The State of Software Security as Told by The Unicorn Project

Date: Monday, November 25, 2019

Time: 11:00 AM Pacific Standard Time

Duration: 1 hour

What happens when a rag tag group of developers and business leaders band together to innovate, survive, and thrive in a time of unprecedented uncertainty…and opportunity? Gene Kim’s highly anticipated follow-up to his bestselling title The Phoenix Project will tell you just that. His latest novel, The Unicorn Project outlines what many IT workers feel when dealing with bureaucracy and having to work within a system where it feels impossible to get anything done while also providing a framework with which they can prevail.

How does this tale tie out to software security? In October 2019, application security provider Veracode published its 10th volume the State of Software Security (SOSS). At the heart of any IT organization, lies the security and reliability of its software applications. While it is nearly certain that your applications have security flaws of various types, the likelihood of remediating those flaws in a comprehensive and timely manner is not. The ability to do this is what separates leading SDLC programs from those that are lagging.

In this webinar join Gene Kim, award-winning CTO, researcher and author of the Unicorn Project and Chris Wysopal, CTO and co-founder of Veracode.  This interactive discussion will highlight how the “fictional” world of Parts Unlimited echoes what many IT organizations face and how embedding security best practices within the software development lifecycle will help teams innovate, survive, and thrive.

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