The Most Intriguing Facts About Modern Web Design

by Donna Howard
Published 06/03/2019
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Image Source: PicJumbo

The forum system and basic web interaction devices such as pop-up windows have taken a backseat to the larger and more complex modern designs. It is important for business owners to understand that web design must be constantly evolving and changing to fit the trends and statements of today.

A way that companies can stay relevant is through designing websites that are both futuristic and efficient. Web design has been one of the most important aspects of any company’s profile along with UX and UI design as they go hand-in-hand and help each other congruently.

The innovative nature of web design creates a need to keep abreast of all new technologies so that one is not left behind. Businesses that lag in innovating and keeping up are often times left in the shadows. One thing that companies can do to keep relevant and to stay competitive is to reformat and adopt new technologies that are centered around web design and UX design.

Modern web design is concerned with beauty but also technology. This new introduction into the hardware tech world for web programmers allows an inclusiveness that incorporates hardware for the first time into web design. A trend that is beginning to pop up in companies such as Ikea and Peugeot is the inclusion of VR on their websites.

If a consumer goes to either of those companies’ websites then they have the opportunity to use their VR headset and drive a car or design a kitchen with their products. You may say to yourself that this is an impossible task for a business owner on a smaller scale but these days that is simply not true. Freelancers are more than affordable now and there are a number of websites to find them at reasonable rates with good experience.

One of the intriguing parts of this is how design now integrates into software development. If you really want to barnstorm the competition then you can hire a freelancer to design a piece of VR software that fully immerses the potential customer in your world. If you own a gym, you can let them walk around and get a feel for the environment.

If your company is focused on automobiles, you can give them a ride in a new car. Even if it is as simple as allowing them to see your office and employees in 3D, that can be enough to put your company over the edge. This is also true for augmented reality as a consumer may download your app and open it to find that they can place your products in their spaces.

There is nothing more intriguing and exciting to a consumer than intense levels of interaction that leave a deep impression on them.

Along with the high-tech nature of virtual reality and augmented reality there is also the implementation and innovation of artificial intelligence. This can be a surprisingly simple thing to implement on your website and will completely separate you from your competition in the technological sphere. Having an AI powered chatbot can simply and adequately answer any potential customer questions while also guiding them around your site and through your products catalog.

This would not only advance your company far into the future but also give a level of interaction that basic websites cannot give on their own. Giving consumers something to interact with and communicate with will allow them to not only remember your company but also feel more connected to it. Artificial intelligence can also do things like predict what services they might need and put packages together for them that adequately express their needs and provide them solutions.

AI services can be your best employees in the digital space and usually come with a high conversion rate to cement a nice consumer base.

It might seem simple but one of the largest and most impactful things you can do is to add simple app integration to your website or vice versa. When you allow a potential customer to use your service on the go and achieve a robust experience at home then you can implement yourself in their daily lives. This method is great for overall exposure as it gives you access to potential customers’ routines.

Full app integration is not only a highly technical solution but also provides the consumer with a sense of your company’s technological prowess. There is nothing more impactful to a consumer than making them feel like they are in the future and indeed with this technology you certainly are. In fact, with artificial intelligence and virtual reality you will springboard yourself into the future at a reasonable price that can totally revolutionize your business and its profit stream.

Modern web design is all about high functionality and high technological ability. It is important to always stay aware and to evolve with the times lest you be left behind. As a matter of fact, embrace the future with open arms and do everything you can to create the future in your own way.

Donna Howard is a business consultant working with high growth companies for their business development. She has worked with companies in scaling their business operations from Europe, Asia and Africa. You may connect with her on Twitter.