The 6 Most Reliable Cloud Storages for Doing Business

By James Riddle
Published 02/18/2020
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If you own a company, you might have faced the struggle of choosing the correct tools. After reading this article, you will be familiar with the six best cloud storage for business. 

Two of them will fit the needs of small companies. Two will be best for middle-sized businesses. And last, but not least, two will cover the needs of big companies. Some of the plans might amaze you.

All the solutions from this list have flexible prices. Also, they provide the reliability of the data storage. As long as you use the tools from this article, your information will be stored correctly.

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The Most Reliable Cloud Storages For The Small Businesses

Box For Business

It is an optimal solution for the smooth start if you own a small company. If you are used to the interface of a Box, for example, you will be pleased to use it for your business! They have a lot of features. You can check them out and compare the plans. If you use the Box services, you will have to pay a one-time transaction per year, per user/per month.

E.g., you choose the business plan, which costs $13.50 without discounts. You have ten people on your team. In the conditions mentioned, you have to pay a $1620 one-time transaction. Yes, it may seem a lot, so you better go for a trial and count your financial possibilities. Box doesn’t want you to get bankrupt!

A former essay writer, Emma Smith, who now owns her business in the same field, says: “I absolutely recommend Box! When I was only starting my company, I was struggling with those options available. But once I tried Box, I fell in love with this tool!” So maybe you will be the next happy customer?

Dropbox For Business

It is an excellent solution for those who are already working on the own version of this program. Everything you need during the business processes is already here. Dropbox integrates with Trello, Google Drive, and other working instruments. You will have access to the workspace from any devices you use: your smartphone, laptop, or Tablet PC. You can also integrate Slack and Zoom with the Dropbox for Business. 

A lot of famous companies use this tool for managing their daily operations. This list includes the DesignIt, University of Florida, Expedia, and many more. The cost of usage starts from $15.00 per user per month. The other plan, which includes unlimited options, costs $25.00 per user per month. 

You can try both for free for 30 days. This period will be enough for you to make conclusions about whether this tool fits your needs. If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can quit this tool without any charges. You don’t have to leave your credit card data for the trial.  

The Most Reliable Cloud Storages For The Medium Businesses

Egnyte Business

It is a mature and comprehensive app with a good reputation on the market. Using it, you will forget about any instability and insecurity. According to the PCMag, this company has a database of over 15.000 users and 13.000 businesses. It launched the community of customers in 2018. Since then, the experience became even more comfortable. There you can ask any question about the usage of Egnyte. 

They call themselves “the only secure content platform built specifically for business.” When you see such words on the website’s page, you can assume that the prices there will be high. And it is not wrong. If you are a middle-sized company (25-100 people), you have to pay $15/person/month. But the users are satisfied with the experience given by an app, so it deserves a space in this rating. If you go for the free trial, you will see if this service is worth your money after all. So don’t hesitate! 

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

You may have heard about this program. It is a no-brainer choice for those who run all the processes using the Microsoft environment. It will integrate with all the tools you use for business. If you need a basic plan, it will come for $5/month. It doesn’t include the other Office tools, but only OneDrive. The price of an all-inclusive Microsoft OneDrive Business plan is $12.50 per user per month. You can check out the policies and choose the one fitting you best.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business pays no attention to the number of people you work with. There are the same prices for small, medium, and large enterprises. It may be a little bit costly for big companies. But companies like FedEx and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are still in the list of the tool’s clients. If you would like to join them, start with the free trial. By doing this, you will never lose a cent but gain valuable experience.

The Most Reliable Cloud Storages For The Large Businesses

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Even large businesses rarely have finance possibilities close to unlimited. Guys at Amazon Web Services understand this struggle correctly. So they developed flexible payment plans. They rely on the metrics of your business. So the price you pay will grow only accordingly with the success of your company. 

Amazon provides you with the free tier. You will be eligible for this possibility only if you use the EC2 Micro Instances. It is not enough for large companies, but it can cover the need in the trial. With the free tier, you will decide if the Amazon Web Services fit your needs. 

If you are a fast-growing company, this solution is perfectly matching you. Amazon Web Services will provide you with the unlimited flexibility of storage. The only thing that will ever limit you is your wallet. But the extension of a business always requires some extra investments. Not ready for long-term commitments and pre-paying? Pay attention to the On-Demand instances.  

Citrix ShareFile

This tool allows you to work with the files of any level of confidentiality. You can share the private client’s information or personal data. The ShareFile will synchronize with all the devices you use, and it doesn’t matter if you use iOS, Android, or Blackberry. So you can share the files you need anytime, from anywhere. You will not need to hire an IT professional to set the Citrix ShareFile up. The processes are smooth and understandable.

companies like Cherokee, Edwards Construction, and more are using this tool. The Enterprise level pricing is custom, so you will have no trouble paying for what you need. It’s best to get in touch with the company representatives to find out the details about an offer for you.

The Bottom Line

None of these tools are cheap, but this is due to the quality and security of services they provide. If you are starting a business or looking for cloud storage to switch, it’s best not to look for low-cost options. Otherwise, no one can guarantee the security of the data belonging to your company or clients. The success depends on the quality. So it’s best to make the right decisions.