Securely Transition to the Cloud with AWS In Three Intelligent, Repeatable Steps

A How-to Guide to transition to the Cloud, Migrate Safely, and Operate your New Services with Confidence.
Published 09/09/2021
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Organizations are undergoing a strategic, digital transformation as they modernize applications and migrate workloads to the cloud. They are pursuing these strategies to utilize the cloud’s flexibility and scalability to serve customers better, improve outcomes, and reduce errors. Cloud-centric infrastructure also improves the user experience. And overall, it enables organizations to function with more agility and interact more efficiently with partners in their ecosystems.

For digital transformations to succeed, however, organizations must be able to ensure a high-quality user experience before, during, and after the migration—while minimizing risks. The transformations typically involve hybrid cloud environments, however, which introduce complexities that obscure infrastructure visibility and make it difficult to assure service delivery. In this paper, NETSCOUT® describes three steps organizations can use to implement the visibility they need for service assurance and cybersecurity. The steps are designed to help guide safe and effective workload migrations and position organizations to reap the full benefits of a hybrid cloud. NETSCOUT’s alliance with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and migration solutions used in an AWS environment are also discussed.

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