Procurri Offers Data Center Equipment with Alternative Supply Chain Amid the COVID-19 Disruption

NEWS PROVIDED BY Procurri LLC, Mar 25, 2020
Published 03/27/2020
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Data Center Hardware


In view of the COVID-19-driven disruptive forces in the global IT hardware supply chain, Procurri LLC, a leading global independent provider of IT hardware and equipment Lifecycle Services and Data Center Equipment, announces a reaffirmation of the Procurri Group’s (the “Group”) ongoing mission to help companies access data center equipment more affordably and now, more quickly, in the midst of any shortages experienced due to the current circumstances.

To slow the rapid spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, corporations are adopting social distancing policies and implementing stringent business continuity plans. Corporations face increasing pressure on their IT infrastructure spend to continue operations despite the challenges. Procurri has witnessed a surge in shipments at its Atlanta distribution hub recently.

The Group has, in stock, one of the largest volumes of excess and refurbished data center equipment and related inventory ranging from Cisco networking, routing, and telephony, HPE enterprise servers, storage, and networking to IBM storage.

With wide and established networks through partnerships with Cisco Excess, HPE Spares, and Ingram Micro and distribution hubs spread across the globe in the US, Singapore, and the UK, the Group is well-positioned to ship stocked equipment anywhere globally expediently. The Group remains committed to providing enterprises with refurbished data center equipment affordably.

Commenting on the disruptive situation in the global IT equipment market, Mr. Sean Murphy, the Group’s Chairman and Global Chief Executive Officer said, “In these times of the COVID-19 crisis, the global IT equipment supply chain has been severely disrupted. We are doing our part to help keep economies going through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are in the business of IT uptime and are seeing the demand for solutions increase, and we are doing our best to secure supply to keep businesses connected and running.

Looking at businesses now, enterprise data computing and storage can’t be suspended while people work from home. IT networks must stay on, and in many cases provide greater speed and reliability. At the same time, we don’t envision many businesses are going to embark on new major upgrades right now, so it’s about extending the life of existing systems and that’s where we assist them. Procurri has ample supply of storage and other data related equipment and are here to help our customers through these trying times.”