OPPO Releases 6G White Paper: Leading the Next Generation of Communication

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 07/14/2021
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OPPO 6G white paperWhile many companies are still talking about 2019’s rollout of 5G, others are already looking forward to the future. Today, Chinese smartphone brand OPPO released their first white paper by their pre-research team looking at the requirements, technologies, and system features for the next generation of 6G communication. 


Download OPPO White Paper


This technology will “reshape the way people interact with AI like never before, allowing AI to become a truly public-serving technology that can be used by everyone,” according to OPPO Research Institute.

Autonomous vehicles are one example of how smart devices will play a key role in creating an immersive experience, “6G networks will be able to assign the most appropriate AI algorithm and the optimal communication connection based on the location of the vehicle and the current physical environment (e.g., time of day, weather).”

The vehicle will be able to immediately download and run AI algorithms that have learned from data collected by other vehicles and devices to provide the safest journey for the passenger.

OPPO’s white paper addresses traditional problems within AI development and proposes “arranging resources according to specific AI tasks, multiple nodes, and resources under the 6G network will form AI domains, providing optimal strategies for accurate AI model allocation, network resource scheduling, and data sharing.”  

According to OPPO’s Chief 5G Scientist, Henry Tang, “Technological development must be forward-looking. Mobile communication technology evolves in decade-long periods, and standardization of the next generation of communication technology is expected to begin in 2025, with commercial implementation following in around 2035.”

OPPO expects there to be more AI-powered devices than humans by 2035, which it sees as an opportunity for 6G to service the needs of not only people, but the devices that rely on AI and their interactions. 

The company will continue to conduct pre-search into 6G technology and how mobile systems can be used to the advantage of AI-enabled functionality support with OTT services, taking the lead in the development and evolution of the Internet of Experience (IoE) through communications technology for the benefit of everyone.

Download OPPO’s white paper to read more about its innovative step forward by introducing AI Function Plane as a new dimension in 6G networks.