Latest Trends in Data Security

by Robert Kolaski
Published 03/15/2019
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Ethical issues surrounding data such as data privacy and theft have been on the rise. Data security continues to be something that all companies put on the forefront of their activities. The war for cybersecurity has been ongoing: and it seems that it will be ongoing for a while. As slow as the progress may be, one would be happy to say that there has been a significant improvement over the recent past.

For a better understanding of what is happening in cybersecurity, the following are some of the trends that you should be watching.

Cyber Crime

1. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Well, it is a data protection regulation that is mostly there for the EU citizens. It has primarily not been implemented yet. However, if everything works as expected, the regulations may as well as spill over to other nations: which gives more reason as to why it should be looked out for.

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2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Which role will artificial intelligence and machine learning play in the protection of data? Well, they can be good at detecting potential attacks way before they happen. It is something that humans have not been able to get around. As much as the trend may be good news for data protection. There still are attackers that may attempt the same. They are still vulnerable.



3. Better Breach Management

What does it take to handle a breach effectively? It is a no-brainer. Proper communication is key. If such an event occurs, giving the victims the right information will go a long way in preventing matters going from bad to worse. Disclosure should take place as soon as possible. If vulnerabilities have been identified, patching up should also be done without wasting time.

4. Ransomware

Ransomware will still be a problem. For those who are unaware, there is malicious software that bars people from accessing their data unless they pay ransom or also threatens to publish their data. It is what is referred to as ransomware.

Updating systems and reinforcing defences goes a long way in keeping ransomware at bay.



5. The IoT

As society continues to embrace the Internet of Things, so do they welcome a weak point. An increase in internet-connected devices gives attackers easy access. It is impossible to get rid of IoT as it comes with a set of perks, which outweigh the cons of course. Therefore it is advisable that companies and people take extra security measures. Use of strong passwords and adding additional layers of security is a great way to go about it.

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6. Patching

It is something that people have been sidelining. But with the rise in breach of data, people are left with no choice but step up. Known vulnerabilities are not something to be ignored. Such issues should be approached quickly.

It does not stop there. Application testing falls in the same pool. By testing apps, you will be able to know how vulnerable your data is and identify the weak spots and patch them. Application testing helps you know just how strong your data security is and allows you to reinforce it if need be.

Data loss, theft and breach could lead to immense losses. Companies have incurred losses as a result of that. Also in some cases, clients have lost their faith in the companies they work with hence end up walking away. Do not wait until disaster strikes. Employing the best data management practices is required if you are to protect your data and business. For more tips on how to best handle your data visit