Best Apps for Android TV Box

Stella Evans
Published 06/04/2021
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Android-powered TV sets were a big game-changer when they were introduced in 2014. It meant that we could do away with the unreliable old-fashioned cable TV connections. However, homeowners soon realized that they also had to do away with their old TV sets to enjoy these Android benefits.

Fortunately, TV manufacturers soon realized their big blunder and introduced android TV boxes that can connect to any television with an HDMI port.

Problem solved? Not really.

An android TV box is merely a piece of hardware devoid of any functional software. The good news is that you can manually install your favorite applications on it, and the bad news… well, there are hundreds of android applications online with dozens offering similar services, and picking the right ones is harder than expected.

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

But worry not. We have done the homework for you.

Below, find our list of the best Android TV boxes that enlists the crème de la crème apps in popular categories.


  1. Spotify
  2. This is a no-brainer! If you are a music enthusiast, Spotify should be your no.1 music streaming app. With millions of songs, albums, and artists, Spotify has a genre for everyone. You can sync your music account with all other android devices in your house and enjoy your music anywhere.

  3. Pandora
  4. Unlike Spotify, Pandora offers exquisite features such as Pandora Radio. It comes with slightly lower subscription fees and is available in more regions than Spotify.

  5. Netflix
  6. Netflix has risen to beat its close competitors such as Amazon Prime and HBO with its wide array of movie collections. Whether you are after kids’ anime collections or the latest update on the Witcher series, Netflix has you covered.

    Its otherworldly features are boosted by lower subscription fees, global availability, and steady streaming under weak network connection.

  7. Sling TV
  8. Are you after an Android TV app that offers an array of channels covering sporting events, kids’ programs, lifestyle, and news? Sling TV is your go-to solution. The app features popular channels such as ESPN, the Food Network, BBC, CNBC, and more, not to mention that you can create a channel list or record popular live streams.

  9. YouTube TV
  10. YouTube TV is an integration of the YouTube app. The channels have racked more than 3 million subscribers despite being in the market only for three years. You can stream popular channels such as CNN, FOX, ABC, ESPN, and NBA.

  11. Send File to TV (SFTV)
  12. SFTV is an ideal app when you need to send music or video files onto your TV set. The app provides seamless wireless transfers between your android box storage to other android devices. The app has to be downloaded on both devices for them to be paired.

  13. Solid Explorer
  14. Solid explorer manages files in your TV’s internal storage. The revolutionary app replaced its cumbersome ES file explorer predecessor, as it has a responsive interface that displays various files in a two-pane layout. Furthermore, it comes with search and share features.

  15. Photo Gallery
  16. Android TV sets come with an integrated native screen saver option without an upgrade option. Fortunately, with an android TV box, you can install a photo gallery app and upload your photos.

    The app is specifically designed to run on android TV and allows you to display photos on your TV’s screen. It comes with other features such as slideshows and a TV screen saver. You can download the app for free.

  17. VLC
  18. VLC serves a similar purpose as a photo gallery but for videos. Well, you might have your favorite videos or tutorials downloaded but cannot project them on the screen.

    VLC converts videos into HEVC H.265 codec before decoding them on the screen. The app has amazing features that categorize media into audio, video, and other formats. Additionally, you can control the screen’s brightness, play speed, and sound limits on the application.

  19. Haystacks News
  20. Haystack news offers a 24-hour connection to global news channels in various languages for free. The app offers in-app purchases and ads to compensate for its free services. Haystack comes with other inbuilt applications such as social media applications and integrated browsers.

  21. Google Chrome
  22. Google Chrome browser comes in handy if you have to browse for information online. You can access dozens of Google features. With chrome for android TV, you can log into different websites such as YouTube, Netflix, and Spotify.

  23. Google Drive
  24. Do you wish to access your files on Google Drive? Google Drive app syncs your data information with all logged-in devices, and you can upload or download files onto your TV as you wish. Google Drive comes with a secure cloud storage space for your files and data for free.


    Final thoughts

    Television technology has evolved tremendously over the years, but the Android TV is its best product of all time. With an Android TV box, you can access hundreds of applications on your television and synchronize the data on various accounts.