How you can enhance your workplace using IoT?

By Bilal Muqeet
Published 05/01/2018
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The IoT (Internet of Things) has already penetrated in almost every industry. It’s time for workplaces to revolutionize themselves with this technology. IoT, in simple terms, means the exchange of data with multiple devices connected over a network. One thing that mustn’t be ignored is cybersecurity because as the number of devices increase, the greater the risks.

The biggest benefit IoT can offer in a workplace is to ease communication. Productivity enhancement, employee satisfaction, and self-automated intelligence are the other advantages that are worth being mentioned. Let’s delve into the techniques one can apply to enhance performance in a workplace thanks to IoT.

Artificial Intelligence Assistants

Gone are the days when Jarvis from the Marvel comic books was considered as an invention that will never come true. Now we see hundreds of Artificial Intelligence Assistants like Jarvis operating in every giant industry. Alexa, Siri, and Cortana are a few examples necessary to name. But how can exactly they help in enhancing the performance of a workplace?

With multiple devices and computers connected over a network with IoT, more than thousands of tasks can be performed. With IoT devices interfaced, more than a thousand tasks can be performed in a matter of a few seconds. Managers and floor supervisors can operate workplace regulations such as floor temperature and lighting.

Incoming heavy bills can be lowered down and the workplace will become more efficient, cleaner and job oriented. Thus, employees would find work more enjoying and performance charts will soar up high. Moreover, air conditioning will become self-automated and temperature will be optimum according to the people in a room or any meeting.

Telepresence Technology

Telepresence means utilizing a technology, like Virtual Reality, to give a user an entire overview of an environment. IoT merged with telepresence can give employers and executives an upper hand and can detect any backdrop that needs to be driven away. The department that will benefit the most from this innovation will be the HR.

Critics can say that this is an intrusion of employee privacy but employees are meant to bolster a company’s performance, not slow it down. Furthermore, the company will have an entire summary of how their employees spend their time in work, the time is given in necessities and various other things. In this way, scheduling can be enhanced thus promoting productivity.

Granting Admittance Rights

Digital gateways have taken the place of keys and locks. Fingerprints and face scanners have removed the idea of writing down your name and arrival time on a thick register. All thanks to IoT, IT experts came up with the idea of doing this task with mobile apps. Any employee who has access to an app or a certain electronic entity can bypass blockades.

This feature is essential in terms of office security and it should be the utmost priority of those working in an organization. Trust is as precious as productivity; without any sense of security what’s the use of boosting a workplace’s performance? Thus, granting certain access rights to certain people can reduce threats from the outside.

A Sophisticated Environment

Apart from keeping track of an employee’s performance and preferences, IoT can make the workplace interactive than ever. Detecting the space in a trash bin, the level of water in a water dispenser and when it needs to be changed are a few examples to make employees remind them of something other than their work. Who would work nonstop the entire day?

IoT can be installed in coffee brewing machines, thereby scheduling the time when employees drink coffee or take a bite. This method can be useful to keep a work-leisure balance during the time an employee stays in a workplace. It is necessary for the light of the fact that workers don’t get sick of typing and working all day long.

Pathway for Further Innovations

As IoT continues to develop itself in workplaces and organizations, more industries will begin to redefine them with technology. Businesses will profit and it will open doors for employment. From expert coders to the peon staff, the number of tasks will increase and thus more and more people will be offered jobs.

In this way, a jurisdiction’s quality of living can be enhanced and the economy will boost. All of this will be possible if IoT is fitted inside workplaces. They are the torch bearers of the economy and hope for the working class. As time passes, we will see the Internet of Things making its way to our homes as well. Our lives will become easier as ever with all thanks to innovation!

Final Words

Sensors have made our lives easy. From our home to shopping malls, every place where people gather has been rejuvenated with automation. It’s time that offices implement IoT in order to boost their profits and increase their market value. Values like productivity, time management, and workplace satisfaction will get instilled in employees automatically.

Apart from the techniques IoT applies to enhance the workplace, further innovations are on their way as well. Who knows what we might see employees signing in and off from a smart-watch they wear on their wrists? Offices and organizations are expected to witness a conquest by intelligent hardware and automation.

Bilal Muqeet writes about internet privacy, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other emerging technologies at Privacyend.