7 Best Cloud Backup Services

by Drew Hendricks
Published 05/04/2019
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Your business data is your greatest asset. If the data were to disappear tomorrow, could you confidently say nothing would be affected at your business, and everything would continue to run smoothly?

Or would you find yourself in a state of sheer panic?

The mere fact that these questions cause many to feel some type of anxiety is a sign that data is a component of the business nobody should mess around with at any time or for any reason.

Even if you choose to use an external hard drive or a variety of password encrypted mobile apps, neither beats the use of the Cloud.


data center in the cloudsWhat is the Cloud?

Before you can feel comfortable with storing your business information in the Cloud, it is vital you understand what it is and what it can do for you.
The Cloud offers businesses the ability to save data securely online. Anyone with granted permission can access the data shared at any time, on any device, from any location. It is a shared storage service made with multiple users in mind.

Cloud Storage Advantages

  • Accessibility
  • Bandwidth
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Synchronization
  • Collaboration
  • Time-Saving
  • Cost Effective
  • Security
  • Create More Hard Drive Space

Before the Cloud, businesses relied on expensive business software, servers, external hard drives, Linux Operating System, networks, bandwidth, power, cooling, and other office storage spaces to save their work.
Not to mention all the money they had to spend on hiring experts to install Linux and various other storage services. It also took time away from business operations to configure each of them.
The Internet has changed everything, including where you can store your business data.


Why Use the Cloud to Store Your Business Data

Currently, most of your vital business information is on-site. Whether they are in filing cabinets, stacked in boxes, kept on a storage service platform, mobile app, or saved on the hard drive of your work computer, your data is in a vulnerable state.
You may have the idea that by setting your business information aside, you are protecting it from outside elements, but this is false.
Various disasters could happen to your business that would ultimately have all of your data disappear. Depending on your office location and circumstance, you could experience flooding, theft, extreme weather conditions, fire, or mold.
Keeping your information on your hard drive alone is not considered the safest storage space either. As it leaves your data open to internet hackers, viruses, and loss due to computer damage.
Just the thought of years of documentation being destroyed forever is devastating.
One of the most secure storage spaces to keep your business data is off-site. This does not mean it should be moved to a storage room or a garage, instead, it needs to be stored in the Cloud.
Where you store your business data in the cloud, you often can use to back up your network, which is recommended.
Both storage and system backups are essential to taking preventative measures toward keeping your data safe and secure.


7 Best Cloud Backup Services

Put away your old storage service tools and stop worrying about your data. Choose to use one of the best cloud backup services offered today.

  1. Nextiva

  2. Starting at $4.95/month per user
    Affordable business online storage and cloud backup solution
    Nextiva offers your business secure and continuous data backup and Cloud storage. Affordable and effective, you can take your business with you wherever you go without the hassle or worry about what you might have left behind.

    • Sync Files with Ease
    • 128-bit SSL encryption
    • Complete Redundancy
    • Sharing with a Simple URL
    • Team Collaboration
    • Access from Anywhere
    • User Role Administration
    • Secure Data Transfer
    • Automatic File Backup

    When everything is stored in the Nextiva Cloud, location no longer matters. Your data is with you every step of the way and automatically backed up right from your device.
    Nextiva makes sure all of your business data files are encrypted and securely transferred to the cloud (and they do not publish its address). The data centers use mirrored drives on secure servers, giving you peace of mind.



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  3. BackBlaze Business Backup

  4. Starting at $6/month per user
    Easy to use cloud backup interface

    Backblaze is an easy and reliable online backup service for your business. It will backup important information located on both your desktop and laptop to ensure data is kept safe on both devices.

    • Unlimited Data
    • Auto Thread & Throttle
    • Unlimited Speed
    • Restore By Mail
    • 30 Day Rollback History
    • Central Administration

    These features are only some of what Backblaze offers. Other key features are the free Hard Drive Restore and Rollback. Backblaze will send you a hard drive with your business data on it to anywhere in the world. It also provides a 30-Day rollback to ensure every computer is protected.

  5. Carbonite Computer Backup Core

  6. Starting at $6/month per user
    Protect your business with a cloud backup plan
    Carbonite Computer Backup Core offers various features to help keep your data protected by using the cloud.
    The information stored on up to 25 of your business computers will be added to the cloud to be accessed remotely or on-site.

    • 25 Computer Backup Only (Does offer another plan for more devices.)
    • Ransomware Recovery
    • Remote File Access
    • 128-Bit Encryption
    • Carbonite Cloud Deployment
    • FERPA, GLBA, and HIPAA Support
    • Centralized Management and Admin Controls

    Each person with permission will be provided with a secure Carbonite login and are the only ones who can access your vital information.

  7. CrashPlan Pro

    Starting at $6/month per user
    Complication free business data cloud backup protection

    You can feel confident that your business information is backed up safely with unlimited storage. With CrashPlan Pro, you work with a solution that affordably scales with your business as it grows.

    • Lightweight, Continuous Protection
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Customize File Retention
    • Ransomware Recovery
    • 256-bit AES Encryption
    • External Drive Protection
    • Smart Protection – Protects files you are currently working on first.
    • Restore Files from Any Computer

    CrashPlan Pro is a data protection solution that is ready for any type of threat while remaining hassle free.
    With hugely customizable service, you can have continuous or scheduled backups. It is up to you.

  8. iDrive

  9. Starting at $5.79/month per user
    Your continuous data backup choice

    When your business is backed up on the cloud through iDrive, you can feel secure in knowing, if for any reason your files get lost, they can also be restored.

    • Backup multiple computers and devices
    • Open files and network drive backup
    • External hard drives and NAS devices
    • Remotely manage your computers
    • Disk Image Backup
    • Sync (via computers, mobiles, and web)
    • Collaborate (Share via Email)
    • Business Compliance(Private key encryption for HIPAA, SOX, GLBA and SEC / FINRA support)

    iDrive offers you the ability to automatically back up your business data so you do not have to remember to do it yourself. Keep worries away with your files securely in the cloud.



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  10. SOS Online Backup for Business

  11. Starting at $4.99/month per user
    Secure your business data with cloud backup
    You do not have to pick and choose which devices to backup for you can backup all of them.
    SOS Online Backup for Business has all your devices covered including tablets, mobile, and computers.

    • Backs up ALL Devices: PCs from Vista up, Macs, iOS and Android devices, flash drives, network drives, and more.
    • 100% Private and Secure
    • Files Never Deleted
    • Optional Per-User Encryption Key

    It is a highly secure cloud backup solution with little to no restrictions. SOS Online Backup for Business will protect your information and keep it within arms reach, inside the cloud.

  12. DropBox

  13. Starting at $12.50/month for 3 users
    Feel the freedom of having as much storage space as needed for you and two of your colleagues. Knowing your business data is protected with the use of controlled and secure features will put your mind at ease.

    • As much space as needed
    • Advanced admin controls
    • Dropbox Showcase
    • Tiered admin roles
    • File event tracking
    • Advanced user management tools
    • Invite enforcement
    • Domain verification
    • Single sign-on (SSO) integration

You can access your business information from anywhere there is an internet connection, which means, your protected data goes where you go.
When choosing the cloud service provider you want to use for your backing up your business data, it is crucial that the task is not taken lightly.
As your information IS your business, it is vital that you use only the very best cloud backup service. Keep unwanted elements and people away because your data is none of their business.