Artificial Intelligence (AI): 7 Trends to Watch in 2022

Published 06/23/2022
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Artificial intelligence, or AI, has spread its hands in almost all areas of our lives. According to Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Artificial Intelligence’s impact will be even more than fire and electricity for humans in the coming years. It has revolutionized all industry sectors and has turned out to be essential rather than experimental. As a result, it is the most transforming technology we human beings have ever encountered in 2022.

Industries have started to invest more in Artificial Intelligence since the pandemic scenario. This is evident with the increasing automated systems in all businesses and industries. In addition, everything has been more digitally connected than ever before since the lockdown.

The year 2022 will witness Artificial Intelligence’s maturing from being an experimental technology to essential. It is listed among the top technologies that will have an impact on humanity. AI indulgence will be more extensive, strategically significant, and mission-oriented with long-term scalability in 2022.



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It is wise to keep an eye on the top trends in AI in the year 2022. So, what are the 7 Artificial Intelligence trends to watch out for in 2022? Let’s have a quick look!

  • Increase our workforce
  • Better language modeling in AI
  • Improves cybersecurity
  • AI influence in the Metaverse
  • Low-code or No-code AI
  • Structuring of Data using AI
  • AI in Autonomous Vehicles


7 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch For in 2022


1. Increase In Our Workforce

Artificial intelligence is going to increase our workforce tremendously. With AI becoming more and more similar to human behavior, it is getting synonymous with real humans. We see jobs outsourcing to AI at a large scale in the coming years. AI amazes us with its similarity to human behaviors like emotions and even the ability to smell. We will work alongside artificial intelligence machines with smart cognitive functionality to boost our abilities and skills. This has also resulted in replacing humans in many job roles. Let us analyze a few fields in which AI has gained prominence.

  • Engineering: AI tools help in providing predictive maintenance in engineering. AI lets us know in advance when a machine needs repairing and servicing. This helps in saving time and money along with increased productivity.
  • Knowledge: We use AI tools to sort through data. This is particularly helpful in streams like law, where a lot of data must be stored and processed.
  • Health care: With the help of AI tools, data is handled in the healthcare system.
  • Marketing: AI has been increasingly used in marketing to help us deal with and determine which leads to pursue and what value we can expect from potential customers. All actions, data searches, and behaviors of customers are followed using AI, and relevant and related information is passed on by search engines.

In short, AI has influenced every occupation in one way or the other in 2022. It helps in doing our jobs more efficiently, and in 2022 we shall find AI has become a part of our everyday work life. AI has even laid its hands in fields that involve creativity!


2. Better Language Modelling in AI

Machines use languages to interact with us in a language that we understand. GPT3 is the most advanced and biggest AI language so far. We are waiting for an even more advanced language model, GPT4, in 2022 that is more powerful. It is considered 500 times more significant and efficient than the former language model, of which the details are not yet available. This is a giant leap closer to being able to create languages that are indistinguishable from human language. This can also make the creation of computer code easier. The possibilities are endless with the advent of the new language model. However, the best language for artificial intelligence is Java. 2022 shall witness more language model use and catapult it to the masses.


3. Cybersecurity Improvement

Cybercrime in the web world can be compared to terrorism in the real world today. Both are heinous acts of threat to society. As artificial intelligence and machines take over our lives, hacking and cybercrime steadily rise. Every connected device that you add to a network becomes a point of attack for a hacker. When networks become more complex, the issue of vulnerability becomes more complex and hard to identify.

AI comes to help at this point. It can analyze network traffic and patterns. AI suggests nefarious intentions and develops intelligent algorithms to keep us safe from cyberattacks on our devices. Some of the most important AI applications will be used to build safety in the cyber scenario in 2022.


4. AI Influence In the Metaverse

Metaverse is a universe in the digital world where you can play and work together. It is a virtual world full of experiences that the users create‌. It is a combination of virtual reality on social media platforms. AI will influence the Metaverse tremendously in 2022 by creating online environments where people feel at home having their creative impulses nurtured. AI helps us share this world with like-minded people and invite them to the games that we like when we want to relax and unwind.


5. Low-code or No-code AI

AI in 2022 shall offer simple interfaces that can ‌construct relatively complex AI systems and applications. The talent shortage in this area is the main hindrance to its expandability in many fields. This problem will be solved using low-code or no-code AI with simple interfaces. Like creating web pages by simply dragging and dropping, low-code AI enables us to develop intelligent programs by plugging together different pre-made modules and feeding them with our domain-specific data. 2022 will witness the democratization of AI in many respects.


6. Structuring of Data Using AI

Most new enterprises to AI spend most of their time and resources wrangling data because they need to build modern data pipelines. 2022 will witness AI models that are hungry for data, supporting thousands of sources, incorporating structured and unstructured data and providing it to data scientists in a meaningful manner.

You can optimize software development processes using AI, and a broader collective intelligence and improved collaboration are possible. In 2022 a data-driven culture is expected to grow and foster a sustainable delivery model. Robotic process automation technology or RPA can use only structured data, which is a technology that has immense possibilities in the software scenario. AI shall help get the unstructured data structured to boost the usage of RPA in many sectors in 2022.


7. Autonomous Vehicles

Applications of Artificial Intelligence have increased very much, and even the automobile sector is looking forward to introducing autonomous vehicles to our roads. AI can soon act as the brain behind our cars, including ships and aircraft. An autonomous vehicle by Tesla with full self-driving capability in its test-driving stage has already blown our minds! Many other companies like Google, Apple, GM and Ford are lined for significant leaps‌. The first autonomous ship, The Mayflower Autonomous Ship, is also expected to make its first trip this year across the Atlantic.



Artificial Intelligence has become the most influential technology of the near future. It has gained prominence even in our daily lives by incorporating our mobile phones and Alexa. It will remain forever, gaining more and more acceptability in the coming years. Knowing the trends in AI is an eye-opener for anyone who closely watches this technology and those who use it daily without knowing they are using AI!