ITRI Report: 2030 Advanced Tech from an Asia Perspective

Published 03/11/2019
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A new report from the IEK Consulting of Industrial Technology Research Institute assesses the 2030 market perspectives and policy plans of major Asian countries and lists the 10 most crucial advanced technologies that will affect the Asian region by 2030.

Read the full ITRI report on “2030 Advanced Technology from an Asian Perspective”

Those top 10 technologies are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. 6G Mobile Network
  3. Autonomous Vehicles
  4. Industrial Robots
  5. Service Robots
  6. Blockchain
  7. New Energy Vehicles (NEVs)
  8. Renewable and Biodegradable Plastics Materials.
  9. Solid-state Batteries
  10. Nanomaterials

To identify these top 10 technologies in 2030 in Asia, IEK Consulting of ITRI, based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, conducted a survey that selected 10 significant markets from which to carry out the survey and data acquisition. The subjects answered questions related to advanced technologies in terms of impact, penetration rate, and investment priority.