Introducing the Video Library – a New CSDL Feature!

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 03/15/2022
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Explore the Video Library

iMac displaying webinar videosThe IEEE Computer Society is excited to announce the launch of our new Video Library. This is an enhancement to our world-renowned CS Digital Library (CSDL) used by close to 300,000 computing researchers and professionals each month. As a new addition to the CSDL, you’ll find it packed with thought-provoking digital content relating to our webinars, publications, and featured conference presentations.

A few of the new features include:

  •  Videos are organized into channels for the convenient discovery of content collections:
  •  Easy to Use Features
    •  Videos associated with technical papers link directly to the technical paper for easy access.
    •  Easy-to-find related content is included on each page displaying thumbnails and titles of other videos associated with the channel.
    •  Free webinar content is currently available to all site visitors and more will be posted with CSDL subscribers having exclusive early access.
    •  Easily share videos with your network via email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    •  Favorite the videos you enjoy by clicking “Like.”
    •  CS Digital Library Subscribers enjoy exclusive access to conference recordings. This includes student members and institutional subscribers. Professional members can also use their free 18 downloads towards video content.

Explore the new Computer Society Video Library and be one of the first to access exclusive content.


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