KIISE/IEEE-CS Young Computer Researcher Award

Hanjun Kim Winner of the KIISE/IEEE-CS Young Computer Researcher Award

Timothy Pinkston, USC
Published 03/24/2021
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Hanjun Kim
Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Republic of Korea

The Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers Society (KIISE) and the IEEE Computer Society (IEEECS) have established a joint award in the field of computing. This honor will recognize the achievements of the recipients, invite other young researchers as potential future recipients, and will raise the visibility of both the KIISE and the IEEECS in the field. The winner of this year’s KIISE/IEEECS Young Computer Researcher Award is Prof. Hanjun Kim at Yonsei University in the Republic of Korea. The award ceremony was held online during the 2020 Korea Software Congress from 21-23 December 2020.

Hanjun Kim is an associative professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Yonsei University, Republic of Korea. Prior to joining Yonsei University, he was an assistant and associate professor of the Departments of Creative IT Engineering (CITE) and Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at POSTECH from 2013 to 2018. He received the Intel Corporation Ph.D. Fellowship and the Siebel Scholarship in 2012. His current research interests include compiler optimization for distributed and emerging systems such as the Internet of Things and deep neural networks.

As a young computer science researcher, Hanjun Kim has demonstrated his competence as an independent researcher and teacher. With his students, he has published top conference and journal papers about compiler frameworks and system software for heterogeneous distributed systems. He has also served as a TPC member for various international conferences such as CGO, LCTES, RTAS, ICCD and IISWC, and a local/global arrangement chair of CGO 2021. As a board member of the Computer System Society of KIISE, he has worked as an organizing committee member of the computer system winter conferences since 2015. Moreover, he has collaborated with industry companies on various research projects such as developing a mobile-cloud offloading infrastructure and a DNN compiler with Samsung Electronics and a homomorphic encryption compiler with Samsung SDS.

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