Award Nominations Open for Visualization and Graphics Technical Community

IEEE Computer Society Team
Published 03/30/2023
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AwardsThe IEEE Visualization and Graphics Technical Community (VGTC) Visualization Awards program recognizes and honors individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community through their research and/or service.

Furthermore, we seek out nominations of individuals that enable us to recognize both the diversity of individuals and the diversity of contributions from the community at large.

The VGTC Visualization Awards Program has five awards plus the IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy induction.

Learn more about award nomination criteria. The nomination deadline is 30 April 2023.


Open Visualization and Graphics Awards

VGTC Visualization Dissertation Award

The Doctoral Dissertation Award recognizes outstanding academic research and development in the field.

VGTC Visualization Significant New Researcher Award

The VGTC Significant New Researcher Award recognizes an individual who has made significant recent research contributions in the field.

VGTC Visualization Technical Achievement Award

The Technical Achievement Award is given each year to recognize an individual for a seminal technical achievement and/or significant contribution to the field.

VGTC Visualization Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to an individual to honor that person’s lifetime contribution to the field.

VGTC Visualization Service Award

The IEEE VGTC Service Award recognizes extraordinary service to the community through the IEEE VGTC and/or the IEEE VGTC Sponsored Conferences and Symposia.

VGTC Visualization Academy Selection

The IEEE VGTC Visualization Academy is a prestigious academy that highlights the accomplishments of the leaders in the field.