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Last Updated: 13 January 2023


Call for Participation 2023The IEEE Computer Society is home to 217+ active technical standards, which promote the implementation of technologies moving humanity forward.

We’ve put together the most up-to-date opportunities for you to get involved in shaping the future standards in your technical domain in 2023.

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Calls for Participation


IEEE P3164™, Standard for Security Annotation for Electronic Design Integration

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE SA) invites you to participate in the Working Group for IEEE P3164™, Standard for Security Annotation for Electronic Design Integration.


When integrating Intellectual Property (IP) into an electronic design, there is a certain level of risk that stems from unknown behaviors during IP integration. These risks could result in an exploitable vulnerability.

The scope of the Working Group will be to expand and improve on the Accellera Security Annotation for Electronic Design Integration (SA-EDI) standard, which provides a consistent way to increase automation in producing and verifying the security assurance collateral. This working group will support a much-awaited security assurance pass into the chip design workflow, helping to identify any potential security concerns or weaknesses associated with hardware IP throughout the design.

This is an excellent opportunity for industry and academia individuals who share our concerns and mindset to develop an IEEE standard that reduces security risks in electronic designs.

Note: This is an individual-based project and will consist of individual technical experts, and we welcome participation at all levels.


Date: Tuesday, 14 February 2023

Time: 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET

This meeting will be held virtually via Webex. Please register for the meeting to receive the Webex information.


For additional information, contact the IEEE P3164™ Working Group Chair, Brent Sherman, at brent.m.sherman@intel.com or the IEEE SA Program Manager, Vanessa Lalitte, at v.lalitte@ieee.org.



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