Thank you to our TSE Distinguished Reviewer Board Members

Published 03/04/2024
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IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering has relied on its Reviewer Board to help sustain the effort that the peer review process involves, which is essential to maintain the journal’s high standard of quality. From 2023, we will no longer use the Reviewer Board model as a source for reviewers. Instead, we will be distinguishing year to year those community members who have made a significant contribution to the reviewing process in terms of several reviews and quality. To start, we want to distinguish the following reviewers who went way beyond the call of duty. Many of them are now Associate Editors, and many others, no doubt, will be in the future.

  • Serebrenik
  • Alexander Bagheri
  • Hamid Treude
  • Christoph Tantithamthavorn
  • Chakkrit Le Goues
  • Falessi
  • Davide Alrajeh
  • Dalal Tamburri
  • Damian Palomba
  • Fabio Uddin
  • Gias Giese
  • Holger Richardson
  • Ita Steghöfer
  • Jan-Phlipp Huang
  • LiGuo Pasquale
  • Liliana Xiao
  • Lu Christakis
  • Maria Song
  • Myoungkyu Mirakhorli
  • Mehdi Day
  • Nancy Tsantalis
  • Nikolaos Rodríguez
  • Pilar Purandare
  • Rahul Fleming
  • Scott Chattopadhyay
  • Sudipta Vegas
  • Sira Brennan
  • Tegan Turhan
  • Burak Arnaoudova
  • Venera Xiong
  • Yingfei